StartupBootcamp to organize startup ‘summer camp’ for kids

StartupBootcamp to organize startup ‘summer camp’ for kids

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If it’s up to StartupBootcamp, it’s never too early to make innovative ideas a reality. This summer, the international startup accelerator will host StartupKids: a summer camp where the young ones will be introduced to entrepreneurship and chasing dreams. Or it could just be a great excuse to let the parents get away for a weekend.

More growth

Patrick de Zeeuw, co-founder of Startupbootcamp, thought of the idea after his own daughter won a pitch competition. During the Demo Day Smart City & Living Class in Amsterdam he announced the new initiative. De Zeeuw also announced there that StartupBootcamp will continue to grow and organize new programs in more cities, like Sydney and two major Chinese cities. 

Making dreams come true

The program on the website states that the goal of the summer camp is to learn kids develop a mindset to make dreams come true. In short, this means that children will work together to think of, create, improve and test their innovative ideas.Of course there is also enough room to play games, make friends and build cool things playing games, making friends and building cool things – and blog or vlog about it, of course. 

Let’s hope the kids aren’t to busy scouring the earth for Pokemons, though.

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