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As per the report that was released by ‘The Economist’, the so-called data is now the most valuable resource in the world, beating oil. Having said that 97 percent of the businesses use data to run their company, while 76 percent of the businesses use data as an integral part of their organizational strategy.

With the adoption of digital healthcare across the globe, data is becoming extremely valuable and highly sensitive as well. A couple of days back, the 4th edition of Access to Capital event took place at HSD campus, where the entrepreneurs from both Digital Health and Cybersecurity field met each other to discuss their future business plans.

At the end of the event, two Dutch-based startups Bitsensor and Happitech won the pitch winner title in Cybersecurity and Digital Health field respectively.

Today, we have together listed cybersecurity and digital health startup companies that focus primarily on a mission to keep you safe. These startups also took part in the Access to Capital 2018 event.

Cybersecurity Startup

#1 BitSensor

BitSensor, the winner in the cybersecurity category uses big data correlation and efficient attack detection to create applications that defend themselves. In general, BitSensor integrates with your application on the application layer to ensure the protection of all data.

For some companies, it takes around 9 months to find out they have been hacked, whereas BitSensor changed this to 50 milliseconds, blocking attacks in real-time.

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Founded in February 2016 by Ruben Vreeland and Alex Dings, BitSensor has got a total funding amount of €400K till now. Furthermore, BitSensor was selected as the Pitch winner in the category of Cybersecurity, at the recently held Access to Capital Event 2018

#2 Alsid

Alsid offers a solution aiming at obstructing the cyber attacks in a transparent and cost-effective way by defending the Active Directory (AD) infrastructures that support companies important assets.

However, by defending it, Alsid prevents the company from opponents at the time of danger, simultaneously providing greater security as well.

Founded in June 2016 in France by Emmanuel Gras and Luc Delsalle, Alsid has managed to raise total funding amount of €1.5M with Axelo and 360 Capital partners backing the investment.

#3 Westgate

A British-based startup, Westgate Cyber Security, developed a patent-pending SaaS network security product called as Enclave. This technology allows different organizations and even individuals to create a secure and private network in no time without changing their existing network infrastructure.

Once created, the Enclave technology quickly build private, directly connected, end-to-end encrypted overlay networks between devices anywhere across the globe.

It is used to reduce operational risk by simply avoiding network changes and at the same time increases the advantage by delivering the infrastructure faster as well. The Westgate Cyber Security was founded in 2017 by Marc Barry and currently, it employs around 3 people.

Digital health

#4 Happitech

This Amsterdam-based startup was founded in 2012 by Yosef Safi Harb. Happitech is a smartphone biofeedback SDK (Software Development Kit) that measures vital signs including heart rate, heart rate variability and to detect stress, fitness, health checks and heart rhythm disorders. The very first product is called as Happi-Heart that measures heart rate when the finger is placed on the camera of your phone.

The company licenses the algorithms to telemonitoring and healthcare companies to make use of the technology in their ecosystem. The SDK on iOS and Android measures heart rate within a 98% accuracy at rest and 91% at heart rate variability.

In fact, at the recently held Access to Capital Event 2018, Happitech was selected as the Pitch winner in the category of Digital Health.

#5 Renal tracker

Founded in 2016, by Francis Binayao and Karen Tancongco Naranjo, the Netherlands-based Renal tracker is a behavior change platform/tool for kidney patients that helps them to track the food, kidney-safe recipes and connects them with the health professional to manage kidney disease in between doctor’s visit.

#6 Circa labs

Designed by Circa Labs B.V. alongside Dutch designer Robert Bronwasser, the Circa is a stand-alone alarm clock that helps you in improving the sleep habits by providing insights and actionable feedback.

With each and every CIRCA clock, a sleep-sensor is included that needs to be placed under the mattress. Founded in 2017 by Hans Brouwer, the Circa also analyze the sleep pattern and determines the sleep stage you are in and can also wake you up intelligently as well.

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