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Eindhoven gets the world’s first Active Esports Arena combining the interests from both the tech industry and the sports world. At the Active Esports Arena, you will be able to step into the virtual world with your whole body and experience yourself in the all-new world.

Active Esports Arena Eindhoven was set up by Pillow’s Willow VR Studios in collaboration with PSV and Sportscloud and with support from the Leisure Development Fund Noord-Brabant and the Eindhoven seed capital fund & venture builder LUMO Labs.

Use your body as controller!

The Active Esports Arena Eindhoven is a place where groups can come to play active games using their body as a controller. It requires you to take a prior appointment via the website. The first game called Exodus Burned can be played competitively and recreational.

With intelligent software and a simple high-tech harness, you can turn your body into a controller to get a unique gaming experience with lots of challenges. The harness makes you look like an action hero in both the virtual world and real life. Previously, this was available for high-tech army training facilities and the film industry. You can experience the game at the SX building in Eindhoven where the Active Esports Arena has been opened.

Exodus Burned – The first game

Exodus Burned contains elements of various sports and strategic games. Due to varying difficulty levels, everyone can enjoy the experience at his or her level. Exodus Burned really has everything it takes to become a popular esport with a large crowd, and that in turn offers prospects for sponsors who want to get in touch with the target audience.

“Active gaming with your body as controller, where you sometimes work together and then to end up competing against each other to keep the highest score. That’s how you best describe Exodus Burned, the official first active esport.” said Exodus Burned creator Peter Kortenhoeven. “At the moment, we are talking with several European top football clubs to open similar arenas. In addition, there is a desire to organize an Exodus Burned League and tournaments among these clubs.”

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