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Software as a Service (SaaS) companies are revolutionising the world of online business with their innovative approach to software development. 

SaaS companies are on the rise as more and more businesses are turning to cloud-based solutions to run their operations. These companies offer numerous advantages that make them an attractive option for businesses regardless of their size. 

Firstly, SaaS companies offer a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model, which can save businesses a lot of capital in the long run. With this model, businesses pay only for the resources they use, which can also help reduce operating costs.

Secondly, SaaS companies offer a scalable solution that can grow with a business. As businesses need change, a SaaS company can scale its services up or down to meet those needs. And this is why SaaS companies are so popular with small businesses.

Additionally, SaaS companies often have strict security protocols in place to protect customer data from being hacked or accessed by unauthorised users.

The Netherlands is one of the most innovative countries in the world with a strong focus on technology and innovation. It comes as no surprise that the Netherlands is also home to some of the most successful SaaS companies in Europe. 

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From payment processing startups to big data analytics, there are plenty of SaaS companies that have made their way into the Dutch market in recent years, particularly in its capital city. 

Realising the potential, several investors have also invested  in various Amsterdam-based SaaS companies this year. 

We have compiled a list of Amsterdam-based SaaS startups that raised €10M and more in 2022 and are hiring right now.

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Founder/s: Jouk Pleiter, Gerbert Kaandorp

Fund raised in 2022: €120M

Hiring: Yes

Backbase is an engagement banking platform that empowers financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation. 

The Amsterdam-based fintech firm is trying to re-architect banking around the customer. The company has over 150 customers worldwide, including Advanzia, Banco Caja Social, Banco de la Nacion Peru, and more. 

Backbase raised €120M in a growth equity round of funding in June and reached unicorn status at a valuation of €2.5B. 

Check out the vacancies here

Pyramid Analytics
Image credit: Pyramid Analytics (LinkedIn)

Pyramid Analytics

Founder/s: Avi Perez, Herbert Ochtman, Omri Kohl

Fund raised in 2022: €113.58M

Hiring: Yes

Pyramid Analytics is a decision intelligence platform provider that offers insights to make faster, more intelligent decisions. 

The platform provides direct access to any data, enables automated governed self-service for users, and serves any analytics needed in a no-code environment. It combines data preparation, business analytics, and data science in a single environment with AI guidance, reducing cost and complexity. 

In May, the Amsterdam company raised around €113.58M in a Series E round of funding led by H.I.G. Growth Partners. 

The company is hiring for various positions in the UK, US, and Israel. Click here to explore the opportunities. 

Image credits: TestGorilla


Founder/s: Wouter Durville and Otto Verhage

Fund raised in 2022: €66.83M

Hiring: Yes

TestGorilla is a pre-employment testing software platform that helps companies hire the right talent by assessing candidates’ job success, including cognitive abilities, soft skills, specific job skills, and more. 

Around 1,500 businesses, including the NHS, Sony, PepsiCo, and Bain & Company, use TestGorilla tests to hire better and more diverse talent. 

In June, Amsterdam-based TestGorilla raised €66.83M in a Series A round of funding co-led by Atomico and Balderton Capital. 

Click here to check out their vacancies. 

Image credit: ParkBee


Founder/s: Jian Jiang, Tom Buchmann

Fund raised in 2022: €30M

Hiring: Yes

ParkBee aims to improve how car parking operates in Europe’s increasingly dense and populated cities. The company’s app allows drivers to locate and reserve available spaces in off-street car parks and be directed to those spaces through the ParkBee app and affiliates such as Google Maps. This way, the platform helps cities and property owners to utilise their urban spaces better. 

In March, Amsterdam’s ParkBee raised €30M from former CEO Kees Koolen’sKoolen’s Koolen Industries and several other tech entrepreneurs and investors. 

Check out their vacancies here.

Image credit: Studytube


Founder/s: Homam Karimi, Gerhard Riphagen, Sebastiaan Menheere, Stepan Suvorov

Fund raised in 2022: €26.44M

Hiring: Yes

StudyTube offers an all-in-one learning platform that helps organisations make employee learning and development more accessible, thereby unlocking their full potential. 

The Amsterdam-based company offers learning products with courses from over 1,000 providers. In February, the company raised €26.44M in a Series B round of funding. 

Currently, the company is looking to expand its team across Commercial, Operations, and Staff. You can apply here.

Context Labs
Image credit: LinkedIn (Mark McDivitt)

Context Labs

Founder/s: Dan Harple

Fund raised in 2022: €24.58M

Hiring: Yes

Context Labs aims to provide a trusted data fabric platform for asset-grade data (AGD) using its Immutably Data Fabric platform. 

The Amsterdam company deploys machine learning, AI-driven asset-grade analytics (AGA), and cryptographic blockchain technologies for context-driven insights.

The company’s platform product line comprises micro-service level components that enable core data fabric interoperability, big data enterprise integration, and insightful analytics.

Context Labs is dedicated to sourcing, organising, and contextualising the world’s ESG information, enabling data to become trusted, shared, and utilised as AGD to provide insights and solutions through AGA that informs markets.

The company recently raised €24.58M and is looking to expand its team. You can check out vacancies here.

WeTravel Team
Image Credit: WeTravel


Founder/s: Johannes Koeppel, Garib Mehdiyev, and Zaky Prabowo 

Fund raised in 2022: €27M

Hiring: Yes

WeTravel is a booking and payments platform for multi-day and group travel companies. The platform aims to support travel businesses by digitising and simplifying the travel booking process, from itinerary building to trip management. 

The Amsterdam-based platform merges SaaS and fintech solutions to handle the booking and payments needs of multi-day travel businesses in one platform.

In October, WeTravel secured $27M (approximately €27M) in a Series B round of funding led by Left Lane Capital. The Dutch startup is now hiring for several roles across various locations. Click here to apply.

Image credit: Sympower


Founder/s: Simon Bushell

Funds raised in 2022: €3M 

Hiring: Yes

Sympower aims to accelerate the global transition towards net zero by helping build smarter and cleaner renewable energy systems. 

The Amsterdam company balances the supply and demand of power across international energy grids using its in-house developed software platform. This year, the Amsterdam company became a certified B Corp.

In June, the company raised €22M in a fresh round of funding. Additionally, in November, Sympower raised €3M in funding led by Activate Capital. 

Sympower is hiring for various positions in the Netherlands and Sweden. Check out the open positions here

Image credits: OpenUp


Founder/s: Gijs Coppens

Funds raised in 2022: €15M 

Hiring: Yes

OpenUp aims to make mental health accessible by reducing the barriers to health coaching and therapy. 

Through its online platform, users can schedule a consultation and are connected with a qualified psychological professional. 

Additionally, the platform includes courses, health checks, interventions, inspiring interviews, and talking to a psychologist 1-on-1 via video, phone, or chat. 

The Amsterdam company currently offers support in more than ten languages, from English to Mandarin, and Dutch to French. 

Over 550 companies in the European region provide their employees with free access to OpenUp’s platform.

In October, the Amsterdam-based startup raised €15M in a Series A round of funding. Right now, the company is hiring across various departments. Click here to explore the opportunities. 

SeMI Technologies
Image credit: SeMI Technologies

SeMI Technologies

Founder/s: Bob Van Luijt, Etienne Dilocker, Micha Verhagen

Funds raised in 2022: €14.1M 

Hiring: Yes

SeMI Technologies, a spin-off of ING Labs, claims to democratise search capabilities that a handful of huge tech companies have guarded. 

Weaviate is the company’s next-generation search platform based on the Weaviate Search Engine, which helps gain meaningful insights from your unstructured data.

The company’s software allows customers to run it on their infrastructure, allowing them to maintain control of their data safely behind their own firewalls. 

Earlier this year, the Amsterdam-based company raised $16M (approx €14.1M) in its Series A round of funding. Currently, the company is offering positions both remote and on location. Click here to check.

Image credit: Hadrian


Founder/s: Olivier Beg, Rogier Fischer, Tijl van Vliet, and Maurice Clin

Fund raised in 2022: €10.5M

Hiring: Yes

Hadrian offers automated security insights through its AI-driven testing SaaS platform. In addition, the company enables detailed attack surface management and risk prioritisation.

The company claims to continually and continuously scan and analyse IT infrastructures using cloud-native technologies and ML modules to deliver quick, accurate, and comprehensive insights.

In June, the company raised €10.5M in a Seed round of funding. The Amsterdam-based company is hiring across the Sales, Product, and HR categories. Click here to check out the opportunities at Hadrian.
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Founder/s: Frister Haveman, Nicola Ebmeyer

Fund raised in 2022: €9.61M

Hiring: Yes is a fintech firm that aims to provide investors with accurate and critical insights into private companies and their markets. 

The company’s SaaS platform uses automation to remove tedious tasks required to collate and analyse data from various sources.

In May, the Amsterdam-based company raised €9.61M in a fresh round of funding from a range of investors. The company has vacancies in tech, private equity intelligence, commercial departments, and others. Check them out here.


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