Berlin-based Klima secures €4.9M funding to improve climate with your smartphone



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As more and more people are aware of the environmental impacts and causes of climate change, they are becoming conscious to reduce the carbon footprint and use sustainable solutions. This is the same that co-founders of Berlin-based Klima got during the backpacking trip of one of them from Alaska to Patagonia. Klima focuses on combating climate change with tech-for-good projects such as promoting quality journalism, civil discourse, and women empowerment.

Secures €4.9M seed funding

The climate app Klima secured a $5.8 million (nearly €4.9 million) seed funding round led by Christian Reber, Jens Begemann, Niklas Jansen,, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures and 468 Capital. With this funding, Klima will launch its beta version, double its team of eight in a couple of months and further develop the online community so that subscribers can share their journey of achieving zero emissions with others.

How does Klima work?

Founded by Markus Gilles, Jonas Brandau and Andreas Pursian-Ehrlich, the Berlin-based climate app Klima lets users measure their personal carbon footprint within minutes. Also, it lets them offset the emissions via a personalised monthly subscription that costs less than $20 a month.

It is quite different from similar services as it lets users choose the impact areas for the spending and analyse how the money is being used. Also, it lets them know the impact that they are making. Besides offsetting the carbon emissions, Klima lets people change their habits including the way they commute to work, consume food, and the number of flights they take. It also offers them personalised recommendations to be more climate healthy.

“We are just at the beginning,” said Markus Gilles. “Our long-term goals include pushing out a best-in-class tool and turning it into a social community. We need to be very many very quickly because the clock is ticking for us to turn this into a mass movement for carbon neutrality.”

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