, a Dutch online gaming startup raises €3M funding, a Dutch online gaming startup raises €3M funding

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These days, online gaming is very popular and lets players live their virtual lives. Apparently, many startups are making their entry into this sector. One such startup, has secured $3.5 million funding from Backed VC and Initial Capital along with other investors such as Ridge Ventures, Social Starts and Makers Fund.

In addition to the funding, the founding partner at Backed, Alex Brunicki and principal at Initial, Matteo Vallone have joined the board of Medal.

The Fortnite generation will experience meaningful moments as their favourite favorite games but there is no way to capture and share these with friends. And’s one-touch solution lets PC gamers record the last 15 seconds. And, thousands of gamers attended the recent Marshmello concert within Fortnite and used to capture the event.

Aimed at next-generation gamers was founded in 2015 by Josh Lipson, Iggy Harmsen, Zaid Elnasser and Patrick Rietbroek in the Netherlands. is a destination for the next-generation gamers who want to explore and create gaming content and for those who want to share their digital memories with tens of thousands of gamers using the platform. It supports game titles such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Runescape, Apex Legends, Roblox, Oldschool and more.

Plans to grow its user base

With the recently raised funding, plans to aggressively develop its business-facing operations. The startup has also come up with a partnership program to let future creators contribute and grow their user base.

Medal Metrics

Medal Metrics is a business-facing operation, which lets developers and streamers access the comparative, real-time and comprehensive analytics on how the games are shared and how the same is doing with’s audience. They can see sharing behaviour such as preferred sharing platforms.

Regarding the funding, “Emerging generations are experiencing moments inside games the same way we used to with sports and festivals growing up. Digital and physical identity are merging and the technology for gamers hasn’t evolved to support that.” says Alex Brunicki, partner at

“We think we can make it more natural than capturing real-life moments because you capture things that just happened. You don’t need to pull out a phone and miss the moment itself. Games give us that ability.” says CEO Pim de Witte.

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