MILES: This Berlin-based carsharing startup makes sure that you pay for the ride and not the traffic

MILES: This Berlin-based carsharing startup makes sure that you pay for the ride and not the traffic

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Tired of paying more money for your cab drives, because of the traffic? Well, here’s a European startup which has a solution for this problem!

MILES Mobility, a Berlin-based carsharing startup differentiates itself from the rest in the carsharing space by charging commuters based on the distance and not time or traffic. MILES Mobility was founded in 2016 by Timo Nührich, Alexander Eitner and Florian Haus in Berlin. As of now, it provides its services in Berlin and Hamburg.

Closes Series A funding

In a recent move, MILES Mobility has raised Series A funding of €5 million led by Lukasz Gadowski, the co-founder of Delivery Hero along with participation from Flash, Team Europe and new investors such as WestTech Ventures, Inventure Partners, Weller Venture Capital and other Berlin business angels.

“Traffic congestion is one of the greatest challenges facing our cities,” said Gadowski. “The pollution it creates is literally killing us, so I am excited to support new businesses alleviating this problem. MILES has got a strong team with creative minds from the automotive industry who are already making a difference in the cities they operate in. I love the spirit of the founders. They are determined and achieved a lot with little, which is why I am very proud to work with them and bring their fresh ideas to more places.“

“Our time pressure-free approach removes so much of the stress of driving in congested cities,” said Timo Nührich, CEO of MILES. “I am particularly pleased to welcome Lukasz Gadowski as a new investor,” added Nührich. “Lukasz is one of Europe’s most accomplished entrepreneurs and has built and funded many successful businesses. I see him as a mentor with great knowledge of the mobility market, especially in regards to our international expansion plans.”

Offers unprecedented flexibility

The mission of this startup is to provide carsharing with unprecedented flexibility. It aims to leave its users stress-free by reducing the necessity to own a car. They can simply rent a vehicle as per their requirement via the app and use it for as low as one kilometre or up to one month. Also, users of this carsharing app can drop the vehicle anywhere as there are no dedicated stations, no return to the starting point and no opening hours.

How does it work?

MILES operates via an app like most carsharing services. All you have to do to book a vehicle is just download the app and log in to the service. Once you are in the vicinity of a dream car, you just have to open it by pressing the button in the app. You have to answer a set of questions related to the cleanliness of the vehicle and confirm that you have a driver’s license with you. That’s it!

Once you have reached the destination, you just have to park the car and close the windows before turning it off. Then, click the ‘End Ride’ option in the app once you are out of the car.

It’s quite affordable

MILES offers its carsharing services based on the distance and not the time that you spend in the traffic. The cost of the services offered by this startup starts from €0.79/km. Moreover, there’s no complicated reservation process and refuelling with this service.

Contributes to the city

For every car that is hired, the service collects one cent per kilometre for MILEScharity. The young startup returns a part of its revenue to the community and inspires the others also to do the same. The team insists that if everyone offers one cent per kilometre, the whole world will look different.

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