Six apps that can change the way you function as a startup owner

Six apps that can change the way you function as a startup owner

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The changing dynamics of the business world is making newbies and startups to carry out their day to day tasks with a slight twist of technology and convenience. As a startup founder, you need to keep a track of thousands of activities.

Here’s a list of six hand-picked apps that can make running a startup or a small business enterprise a cake walk! These apps are selected keeping in mind the need of the entrepreneurs to save their resources and work in a much more efficient manner.

1. Slack

The Slack messaging app offers the user to channelise each conversation can be into channels that can be defined by the user themselves. The channels can be split up by the project team or department. Or one may customise it according to one’s own requirement.

The app is potently useful for instant messaging. The plus point is that it also integrates with other apps such as Twitter, Google Hangouts and MailChimp. This enables the user to tie up all the conversations all in one place.

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2. Mint   

Mint is one of the most essential apps for any small or growing business. It has been credited to facilitate financial management for the entrepreneurs. This app comprises of all-in-one feature for all the financial accounts at one spot. It helps to provide a quick overview to the business owners. One can keep track of each transaction which may be categorized so entrepreneurs can track expenses, revenue and monthly spending with a simple visual chart.

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3. Perka

A must-have for business owners, Perka brings us the old-fashioned reward cards and point system with a digital twist. The customers can simply log-in to the app and check-in to their location. which will allow their account to show up in your system. When the customer is ready to make a purchase, all he or she has to do is tell you the first name the account is under in the system. No hole puncher required.

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4. Asana

Asana is a project management app that works efficiently by organising tasks for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The user of Asana can create to-do lists and assign tasks to each other with due dates, relevant files and detailed notes. Users have the capability to comment on or add subtasks to lists. This is convenient and hassle-free as there is no need for incessant back and forth emails.

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5. offers busy entrepreneurs and small-business owners from the task of cleaning out their inbox. This time and effort saving app can help users to unsubscribe from overwhelming email lists with one click instead of having to open each individual email and follow the tiresome  “unsubscribe” drill. With an added advantage, helps to combine the email lists by keeping an inventory of what goes into one’s daily digest.

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6. Humin

Networking is integral parts of making your business grow. The Humin app is an app that combines the contacts from your mobile device and social media accounts with your calendar, email and voicemail to provide context to the contacts in your phone. The information is brought in together for an efficient user experience and one may use a Google-like search feature to go through one’s contacts on the app.

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