This Polish biotech startup working on new breast cancer treatment secures €6.7M funding

This Polish biotech startup working on new breast cancer treatment secures €6.7M funding

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Biotech is an industry that evolves constantly. There are several biotech startups that emerge from time to time. Leveraging modern technologies, these biotech startups reduce the treatment expenses in numerous ways. And, these companies also raise significant investments to keep them growing and developing.

Triple-negative breast cancer is an aggressive and rare form of breast cancer. Unlike the other types of cancer, this has a relatively poorer prognosis and is not driven by progesterone and estrogen and cannot be treated by hormonal therapies. Sciences have been striving hard to develop a therapy to cure this type of cancer but current methods are limited.

Heads up about Pure Biologics

Founded by Filip Jeleń in 2010, Poland-based Pure Biologics is one such biotech startup, which focuses on medical biotechnology, molecular diagnostics, biological medicines, and therapeutic solutions used in medical devices meant for therapeutic procedures.

The PureBIKE project intends to develop a new drug with the help of PureSelect, which is Pure Biologics platform used for the selection of new antibodies. This project aims to create an immuno-oncological drug to help treat triple-negative breast cancer.

Secures €6.7M Funding

In a recent development, Pure Biologics, a Wroclaw-based biotech startup secured €6.7 million funding for the PureBIKE project. This funding is led by the National Centre for Research and Development. Back in April 2019, Pure Biologics raised €2.3 million from investors.

Plans to develop antibody fragment

Pure Biologics will use this investment to develop an antibody fragment activating natural killer immune cells in the body to fight cancer by suppressing metastases and tumour growth. The funds obtained will be allocated to the development of innovative biological drugs and therapeutic medical devices based on aptamer technologies.

“As announced, the portfolio of our projects is growing dynamically – PureBIKE is the third drug project in our pipeline, and ultimately we would like to start one or two more in the coming quarters, said Dr. Filip Jeleń, co-founder, significant shareholder and president of the board of Pure Biologics. “Taking into account statistics on the success of biological projects, such a diversified portfolio of projects gives us a good chance of obtaining promising results in the clinic,” he added.

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