Finally, Seedrs brings their equity crowdfunding platform to the Benelux

Finally, Seedrs brings their equity crowdfunding platform to the Benelux

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Not often would we use the word finally in a headline when an international scaleup decides to join us folks here in the Benelux (is that even a country? O hell why not). But in the case of Seedrs setting foot in Benelux, it might just be the word we’re looking for. Up until now, equity crowdfunding options – as opposed to convertible notes – in the Netherlands were basically rather thin, as Symbid is struggling to make it through the day

Financial services permit finally granted

Seedrs is one of the heaviest-funded funding platforms in Europe with a total of $22.76M. The powerful equity crowdfunding platform is now finally opening an office in Amsterdam. From here, Dutch entrepreneur David Mozes will be overseeing all of the company’s Benelux operations. Seedrs is setting up shop here just now as the company only received its EU-wide Financial Services Passport on July 13th.

First major move outside of the UK

After Seedrs announced a partnership with ING in October 2015, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before the company would pop up on Dutch soil. And indeed, Seedrs has now decided to make its first major move across the Canal a move into the Silicon Canals. Seedrs already has a software development office in Lisbon, but the Amsterdam office will be the first one outside the UK with an actual commercial team in place.

Impressive ecosystem

Jeff Lynn, CEO and co-founder of Seedrs, sees large opportunities for his company here:

“I have been very impressed by what I have seen of the early-stage ecosystem in the Benelux. I am looking forward to Seedrs becoming a key player in financing startup and growth companies across the three countries.”

Mozes to spread the word

Experienced investment banker David Mozes joined Seedrs as the company’s Regional Benelux Manager:

“I have a strong sense of what is needed to make an early-stage investment platform successful in the Benelux. Seedrs already has all the right components in place, and now it is my and my team’s job to spread the word and bring the platform to the Benelux ecosystem.”

With more offices to open soon, the influential equity crowdfunding platform will continue to sow its seeds around Europe in the near future.

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