COVID-tech for corona patients: Two Danish IoT startups turn shipping containers into intensive-care units



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Danish IoT startups Seluxit and Onomondo have joined hands to make a difference during the COVID-19 global health crisis. They have become a part of CURA, which is an international initiative aiming to transform shipping containers into intensive care units during the pandemic outbreak. CURA (Connected Units for Respiratory Ailments) project debuted in Italy to bring a sort of relief to the pressured healthcare systems during the crisis.

It uses containers that help make intensive care units easily available just like tents. These ICU-turned containers are called CURA pods and are as secure as insulation rooms. This is possible with the special biocontainment technology.

Heads up about CURA!

CURA helps anyone create their own CURA containers as it is an open-source project. It was initiated by CRA (Carlo Ratti Associati), a design and innovation agency with a global network of architects, engineers, military experts, doctors, and NGOs. CURA has been supported by the World Economic Forum during the global crisis and its first unit of CURA pod was developed with the financial backing from the pan-European bank UniCredit. It is installed at a temporary hospital in Italy.

Picture credits: CURA

How does it work?

Seluxit and Onomondo help during the crisis by collecting data from the CURA containers. This data is sent to hospitals and convey the status of ICU units. For instance, a message is sent to indicate that the filters have to be replaced. The solution is expected to let doctors control how patients feel and help them communicate with their family and friends in the future.

Daniel Lux, CEO of Seluxit, explained, “The Internet of Things can contribute to a lot of good in the world. That is why we are pleased to have found a project that will allow us to help while the crisis is on the wane.”

Onomondo’s CEO, Michael Freundt Karlsen, continued, “When we heard about the CURA project, we knew right away that we had an opportunity to contribute and make a difference in the fight against COVID-19. This is a global crisis that requires a swift and global response. We have a unique opportunity and therefore a great responsibility to help.”

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Picture credits: CURA

The existing technologies used by Seluxit and Onomondo are customised to projects just like CURA. The SLX Porcupine product from Seluxit is central and is a versatile mini computer dedicated to collect 1 of 3 data. This way, it can create intelligent applications. And, the global IoT network of Onomondo ensures that the right data reaches the data people irrespective of where the CURA pods are located.

Main image picture credits: CURA

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