Delft-based mobility startup Scoozy raises €1.2M funding: Here’s all you need to know about their innovative electric scooters



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Electric mobility means independence for users. Electric vehicles are the recent boom across the world and many companies are making use of the trend with their own products and solutions.

Scoozy is a Delft-based mobility startup founded in 2016 by Job van de Kieft and Jan-Willem van Gent employed previously by TNO and Eneco respectively. Due to their passion for innovation and electric vehicles, they came up with electric mobility startup Scoozy. It is a light electric vehicle (LEV) platform.

Secures €1.2M investment

The Delft mobility startup has raised €1.2 million investment from existing investors and a small group of informal investors. This fund will be used to scale up the product and prepare the company to grow on a global scale.

Onno Rombouts, former CEO Heineken in Romania said, “As a mobility platform, Scoozy responds to a number of global trends such as aging and electric mobility. Together with the team and the other investors, we prepare for the next step towards internationalization.”

Scoozy reinvented mobility scooter

The first application from Scoozy is a mobility scooter that is safer and more capable than the others that exist. The startup has reinvented the mobility scooter industry by giving priority to safety from the starting point.

Recently, SWOV came up with safety recommendations for the mobility scooters. But it is interesting that Scoozy has already taken these safety recommendations into consideration. In fact, it goes further when it comes to safety.

To be specific, this mobility startup has an active braking system with intuitive steering. It is more stable as there is an independent suspension. And, it has smart sensors for additional safety. The unique four-wheel drive and up too 100 kilometres range gives users more independence.

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Pre-order requests

It was only recently that Scoozy was certified to be on the road. Within a few months, the first series of electric scooters have been sold out. The second series will comprise 80 units and will be delivered in September this year. The success of this startup is evident has it is receiving more pre-order requests for its product.

The company’s co-founder and CEO, Job ban de Kielf stated that they are getting requests from users, dealers and distributors across the world.

He stated, “In order to be able to respond to that demand, we will extensively test the product, production and supply chain in practice this year, so that we will be able to scale up internationally further in the coming year. During 2019 we will also attract more growth financing for the long term.”

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