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Elon Musk recently showed off its new venture called Neuralink, which is a company specialising in brain-computer interface (BCI). While the field of BCI is nothing new, there was always an issue of advancement in the field as almost all research is based on inserting implants in the brain to measure electrical activity. Since these implants require specialised equipment, most of the development remains confined to labs.

However, Neuralink did make some new announcements that are creating hype. The company’s BCI uses numerous thin wires that can be implanted in a brain to intercept signals being fired by neurons. The company aims to solve a host of problems by doing this like understanding and treating brain disorders, preserving and enhancing brain function and more. However, Neuralink is not the only company working on such neuroscience applications. Here are five other European startups in the same field.


Flow Neuroscience (Malmo, Sweden)

Founders: Daniel Mansson, Erik Rehn

Flow Neuroscience is a startup that has come up with a medication-free treatment for depression called Flow. Flow is a medical device that delivers a soft electrical signal to simulate the left frontal cortex of the brain. This area of the brain is said to usually exhibit lower activity for people diagnosed with depression and using Flow can rebalance activity in this brain area and simulate it.


BitBrain Technologies (Zaragoza, Spain)

Founders: Javier Minguez Zafra

A company specialising in neuroscience and neurotechnology, BitBrain Technologies has developed a new training system for the brain. This system is touted to enable faster information processing and it can also help concentrate better. The company offers different subsets of neurotechnological benefits like Elevvo Medical, Elevvo Wellness and High-Performance Elevvo.

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NextMind (Paris, France)

Founders: Gwendal Kerdavid

NextMind is a neurotechnology company that is developing a noninvasive, AI-based brain-computer interface for the standard consumers. The company has come up with a small, non-invasive brain-sensing device that is said to enable users to play games, control electronic and mobile devices, including virtual and augmented reality headsets, in real-time using their thoughts.


BIOS (England, United Kingdom)

Founders: Emil Hewage, Oliver Armitage

The startup BIOS is working on creating an open standard hardware and software interface between the human nervous system and AI. This “neural interface” is aimed at developing a solution that can enable treatment on organs and nerve systems throughout the body. The company’s first device is described as something similar to a “USB connector for the body.” It is used to develop a Prosthetic Interface Device (PID), which enabled amputees to connect different types of prostheses directly with the nervous system.


MindMaze (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Founders: Tej Tadi, Elisa Bellini

MindMaze is a startup that is developing a VR platform to map and respond to brain activity. The company’s research will be used in healthcare and other fields. MindMaze creates human-machine interfaces with the help of its neuro-inspired computing platform.

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