Event: Crypto Economy World Tour comes to Amsterdam with 30 startup ICOs (+ discount code)

Event: Crypto Economy World Tour comes to Amsterdam with 30 startup ICOs (+ discount code)

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The Crypto Economy World Tour (CEWT) will arrive in Amsterdam on 29 and 30 January 2018. The event, intended for professional investors and entrepreneurs who want to inform themselves about new forms of financing with blockchain technology, gains access to more than 30 blockchain startups that will perform an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or a token sale. CEWT will take place during Day of the Crypto, a two-day event for the general public interested in cryptocurrencies.

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Crypto Economy World Tour

During the Crypto Economy World Tour in 2018, professional investors and entrepreneurs who are actively looking for new forms of financing will be informed about the latest developments in the crypto-economy. The tour started at the largest blockchain-related event in the world, last October in Barcelona, and the next stops are San Francisco, London, and Amsterdam in January 2018.

Popularity cryptocurrencies

Investing in cryptocurrencies has gained enormous popularity in 2017. The abrupt increase in the value of Bitcoin as well as the growth in the number of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and token sales has increased the demand for elaborate information in an area that until recently was only accessible to a small minority of investors and experts.

New ways to fund projects

Over the course of two days, delegates get elaborate information on how to access new ways to fund projects and companies in the crypto economy. What is a token sale? How do I structure one? What role does marketing play? Where do I turn for advice and expertise? Does it make a big difference where I set up the company? What exactly do the various regulators think, and how will this impact me or my investment? How do both traditional as well as crypto investors regard today’s market and how do they spot opportunities?

Investments via ICO or token sales

More than 30 pioneering blockchain startups that are actively seeking investments will (partly) finance their solution through an ICO or a token sale. How do these solutions ensure an acceleration of blockchain technology acceptance across the board? What are the possibilities to participate in a so-called pre-sale and to enter at an earlier stage? The Crypto Economy World Tour offers insights that will answer those questions thoroughly.

Day of the Crypto

The Crypto Economy World Tour takes place during the Day of the Crypto in RAI Amsterdam, a two-day conference on cryptocurrencies for a wider audience. The Day of the Crypto is held by BECON (Blockchain Ecosystem Network) in collaboration with known Dutch trendwatcher Vincent Everts. Partners associated with the event are IEX, Vectrix, NVP, and Bitcoin Magazine.


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