SaaStock brings SaaS startups and investors together in Dublin

SaaStock brings SaaS startups and investors together in Dublin

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SaaStock is the first SaaS conference of this scale in Europe, taking place on September 21st and 22nd in Dublin. If your in B2B SaaS, be it a Startup Founder, Exec or Investor, SaaStock will amplify your network, build your pipeline, and give you the SaaS Playbook. As their strapline says, SaaStock promises to turn your SaaS up to 11.

1) Amplify your network

SaaStock brings the entire European SaaS ecosystem together for a day. People are coming in from all over the continent, the U.S., India, Canada and even New Zealand. But its the members of the European SaaS community that are leading the registration charge with 7% of attendees coming from the Netherlands. There will be great opportunities to network before, at, and after the conference with 700 like-minded founders, executives and investors from the twenty-seven countries (and counting). You’ll have breakout areas, meeting rooms and a even the SaaStock pub as well as pre- and after- parties planned for breaking the ice and closing deals.

2) Build your pipeline

Sell to other SaaS companies? SaaStock is set up for your pipeline triangulation. The SaaStock community is B2B founders, investors and startups and is a great opportunity to meet the 59% of attendees that are C-level and who can make decisions in real time and do business face-to-face. Looking to raise now or in the future? Start the process at SaaStock! Get funded: Over twenty-five percent of SaaStock ticket-holders are investors. They’re coming and they’re EXCITED to meet you.

3) Get the SaaS playbook

Looking to learn and grow your SaaS business? Then bring your pencil and notepad. There’s a playbook to building a winning SaaS business and SaaStock has two stages of experts to deliver it to you. On the Playbook Stage you’ll hear talks and see demos that give you what you need at every phase of your company’s growth. The sessions build on each other like chapters in a playbook. Learn from successful SaaS founders and executives like Leo Widrich Co-Founder and COO of Buffer, Des Traynor Co-Founder CSO at at Intercom and Philippe Botteri, Partner at Accel Partners amongst others.

Rockstar Lineup

With it’s rockstar lineup, SaaStock promises to be the Woodstock of SaaS and is bringing like-minded people together to learn, share and rock out together. What will you accomplish in 24 hours? Land your biggest account so far? Find the funding to bring your business to the next level? Move the needle on your SaaS up to 11? Say yes to these questions and more by joining the European SaaS Community on September 21st and 22, 2016 to amplify your network, build your pipeline, and get the SaaS playbook.

SaaStock is 70% sold out. Book your ticket now.


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