july, 2020

08jul18:0019:00FeaturedVirtual EventTake Pride: How to Create an LGBTQ+ Friendly Culture at Work

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Annually we all come together to celebrate Pride. In this month we celebrate the things that make us all different and come together in a united space. Startups are often considered progressive and forwarded thinking, both in terms of their product or mission and also in the diverse culture they build. This diversity comes in the form of mixed cultures, genders, sexual orientation and background. 

How many companies create a culture that is LGBTQ+ friendly is the topic of our upcoming Talking Talent for Pride. We will discuss how to keep the culture inclusive, how you can be involved in celebrating LGBTQ+ staff and tackle any discrimination that may be present or arise. As discussion are developing how do you implement new procedures in your company to ensure the comfort and happiness of all employees.  



Talking Talent by ACELR8Talking Talent is a series of events hosted by ACELR8 covering innovative talent topics that influence the future of work.[email protected]

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