Developer Growth Frameworks | Untold Stories in Tech Hiring with Catawiki

31mar17:0018:15Developer Growth Frameworks | Untold Stories in Tech Hiring with Catawiki

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Growth and learning consistently rank within the top 5 reasons a developer would leave their current job or sign up for a new job. Yet, many companies struggle to create effective growth plans to attract and retain top developer talent.

When Catawiki realised they were bleeding software engineering talent, they set out to create a growth framework to better engage their engineering team, help them discover vertical and horizontal opportunities inside the business and improve their overall retention. This framework is now the company-wide standard for growth and development.

Join us for our next edition of Untold Stories in Tech Hiring with Özgen Güngör, VP of Engineering at Catawiki. 

During this 1-hour interactive webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Why a growth framework is core to tech talent lifecycle – from interviewing to offboarding

  • How strong developer career paths can foster trust and drive motivation

  • What works (and doesn’t) when implementing non-traditional growth paths


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March 31, 2022 17:00 - 18:15(GMT+02:00)