Sellify wants to disrupt influencer marketing

Sellify wants to disrupt influencer marketing

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“We believe everybody can be an influencer”, Lennert Pieters states, founder of Sellify. This statement defines the strategy of the influencer marketing start-up. Pieters explains how his white label solution for web shops will contribute to the first platform for mini-influencer marketing (and how we, mortals, can become influencers too!).

What is the problem Sellify solves?

“There is a lost chance not to make use of the after sales moment to create an ambassador. Companies tend to tempt potential clients by targeting and retargeting them with ads and content and tend to forget them after the sale is done. At this moment, there isn’t another company that enables you to share a (positive) message about a (not high-end) product you just bought. We enable happy customers to share those messages via Facebook and Whatsapp, since these are the media most people use and actually read.”

Well, why would I’d like to share such message?

“There are two strategies to make people share a message about a product they just bought. It’s either single sided – whereby customers get a reward or are able to give a discount to their friends – or double sided, whereby customers get both. But we’re not only focusing on the after sales moment. This is our white label solution for web shops and enables us (along with a recent investment round) to dream big.”

And what is that big dream, Lennert?

“That is our Sellify-platform, where you can become an ambassador for a brand or product that you like and not necessary have to buy yourself. Your friends will get a discount and you’ll get a get a kickback fee on the profit. It’s the first mini-influencer marketing platform and enables us to create influencers, rather than target them. Regular influencer marketing has lost its credibility in a way; the audience feels that bloggers and vloggers are paid to share a message. If I’d share a post on Tesla, and you cared about my opinion on cars, that would be a more effective marketing strategy. We’re creating a user friendly way of online word-of-mouth-marketing for businesses and enable everyone to become an influencer. Even you.”

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