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If you’re about to start a new company, the food delivery industry may not be your best bet. With companies like Deliveroo, Foodora, UberEats and top dog TakeAway, there isn’t much room left for new players. FoodyFoodster, the yet to be launched self-proclaimed Airbnb of food, thinks otherwise.


Host and join dinners

FoodyFoodster isn’t your typical food delivery service. The difference between FoodyFoodster and other food services and platforms is that you can not only buy/order all kinds of food that is being offered, but you also will be able to host and join dinners. This means other users can actually come over for an impromptu dinner party. A rather interesting social element in this niche – eating alone is about the be a thing of the past.

Share expenses

“If you are selling or hosting, you can choose to share expenses or you could just ask for a certain amount of money,” says a spokesperson of FoodyFoodster. “Users will be able to join dinners hosted via the app, or hire chefs. If you are a chef yourself, you could set yourself up for hire. This means you can sell, buy, join, host, hire or be hired with our app – a big difference with other food (delivery) startups.”

Big cities

FoodyFoodster’s main focus now is an upcoming seed funding round. When the app actually launches, they will focus on Amsterdam, London, New York and Japan. We’re curious what will happen in the next few months.


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