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Nowadays, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and people use their phones for a variety of tasks. One common use is to click photos and videos. Eventually, it is common to have thousands of photos grouped in the photo library of smartphones. In many cases, it might become tough to trace an important photo hidden in the photo library.

To make this easy, Zyl, a French startup uses Artificial Intelligence to find the most significant or interesting photo or video you are looking for. With this new app, Zyl undoubtedly creates epic memories.

Bags €1M funding

Zyl has just announced that it has secured $1.1 million (nearly €1 million) in a funding round led by OneRagtime. The investment will be used to boost the application development with a new major version likely to be rolled out in October. Also, the company aims to take the next step and reach 5 million users by 2020.

Zyl: An insight!

Founded in 2015 by Mathieu Spiry and Aurélien Sibiril, Zyl formerly known as Comet, is the first app to use AI to explore photo and video memories. In 2017, the Zyl team grew from 2 to 8 employees. Notably, the app is available for free for both Android and iOS devices.

Zyl app shows users one visual and edited memory from their photo library once a day. These memories can be shared with their family and friends. Having an active user community in more than 75 countries, this French startup brings together the community every day by providing them with good and cherishable memories in the form of photos and videos.

Uses patented technology

To avoid personal data leaks, Zyl uses its own privacy-by-design technology. The startup does not store any personal data of users on its servers. The algorithms used by Zyl analyse images on users’ devices itself. To make this possible, the company has filled several US patents for various purposes such as choosing the most impactful photos, detecting the most meaningful moments, and finding the way users navigate through the photo library.

- A message from our partner -

“Zyl’s ambition is to revolutionise the mobile photo experience. Thanks to our artificial intelligence, we allow our users to relive forgotten memories and explore past emotions that can be shared with those who matter the most,” said Mathieu Spiry, Co-founder & CEO of Zyl.

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