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In today’s scenario, developers are mostly responsible for their app’s development, reliability, quality assurance, and testing to production! Also, they are increasingly interested in “active monitoring”, meaning getting better visibility into their applications before any problems appear in the production.

When combined, the testing and active monitoring markets are worth more than $1 billion, however, while the lines between the two are blurring, their toolsets are very different. And this is where Checkly comes into play! 

Raised €2.08 million!

In a latest development, Checkly, a Berlin-based company that is developing active monitoring and testing platform for modern DevOps teams have raised $2.25 million (approx €2.08 million). 

The financing round was led by global venture capital firm Accel, along with other angel investors including Mirko Novakovic, CEO of Instana; Guillermo Rauch, CEO of Vercel (formerly Zeit); and Ott Kaukver, former CTO of Twilio. 

With this seed round, Checkly aims to build out its active reliability platform, adding more customers and preparing for eventual global expansion.

Tim Nolet, the co-founder, said: 

- A message from our partner -

“At Checkly, we’ve created a market-defining tool that our customers have been demanding, and we’ve already seen strong traction through word of mouth. We’re delighted to partner with Accel on building out our vision to become the active reliability platform for DevOps teams.”

Unite testing and active monitoring!

Checkly’s vision is to unite end-to-end testing and active monitoring in order to be the number one active reliability platform for modern DevOps teams. It’s laser-focused on end-to-end reliability and will serve cross-functional DevOps teams and support a modern technical stack based on JavaScript and Open Source.

Born out of frustration with limited tools!

Tim Nolet, previously co-founder of, founded Checkly in 2018 after experiencing his frustrations with the limitations of existing monitoring tools. Hannes Lenke, who founded TestObject (acquired by Sauce Labs), and Timo Euteneuer, who was previously Director Sales EMEA at Sauce Labs, have joined as co-founders.

6.7k GitHub stars!

The platform uses Google’s Puppeteer framework to test software, representing a seismic change in how people run tests and monitoring for their web apps. 

Checkly’s open-source tool Puppeteer Recorder is now the de-facto standard low-code tool for creating end-to-end testing scripts. Built-in as a Chrome extension, it has already proven extremely popular, with over 18,000 users and 6.7k GitHub stars.

Guillermo Rauch, CEO of Vercel: 

“All our software depends on Checkly. It’s part of our development workflow to build It consolidates all our reliability needs in one tool and provides the right level of insights for our team.”

Andrei Brasoveanu, who led the investment for Accel, added: 

“Hannes and Tim have a deep understanding of the problem Checkly is solving for developer workflows as well as real clarity around their future product development. Checkly has achieved impressive early success in a space that’s evolving fast. We look forward to working with the team, as they make active reliability a reality for developers worldwide.”

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