German startup Helpcheck obtains €11M for its legal assistance platform protecting consumer rights



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Challenging big corporations against their reluctance towards consumers’ rights is a tough nut to crack. The Düsseldorf-based startup Helpcheck has now resolved this knotty task through its digital on the mark solution. The legal tech has just received €11 million from a German family office.

Helpcheck – committed to consumer rights protection

Helpcheck enables consumers to obtain their legitimate claims that are denied by big shot insurance companies. The legal tech maintains a sleek digital platform integrating lawyers and industry experts.

Co-founder Peer Schulz explained, “Our mission is to provide consumers with an easy access to justice using our digital know-how, hence giving them a powerful voice against large corporations. The latest round of financing will help us grow further and expand into new markets and areas of law.”

Just 3 steps

The process of claim refund is completed in three easy steps. First, one needs to upload the contract documents which get assessed by the legal team for free. Further, users get the reports of the probable extent of claim settlement.

Now, it’s up to the users whether they want legal assistance from Helpcheck with one click. Finally, on the successful recovery of the claim amount, the legal tech will charge 29.75% as its commission. Notably, Helpcheck doesn’t charge any money until the endowment of claim amount or for an unsuccessful claim.


The German startup Helpcheck was established in 2016 by Peer Schulz and Phil Sokowicz for providing a platform for easy access to justice, especially in the life insurance sector. With employee strength of 15 people, the legal tech is functional only in Germany. The latest cash flow will boost the startup to widen its legal services into more sectors.

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