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LinkedIn is different from social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. It is a portal for professionals and businesses. The LinkedIn profile is like digital identity and the profile picture you use is the first impression that the recruiter gets about you. The photo is an integral part of the profile and has equal weightage as your experience, credentials, and more.

As this is a professional network, LinkedIn profiles with professional headshots are preferred by many. This type of picture receives relative more views than the regular ones. If you are looking forward to capture a professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile, then remember to keep these useful points in mind. With these tips, you can pick an impressive and strong photo for your profile.

#1 It should look like you

Well, the photo you pick for your LinkedIn profile should give visitors an idea of how you will look when you meet in person. It is common for people to use photos clicked a decade back. Over the years, you have grown old, wear glasses and color your hair. These aspects should be obvious and the profile photo should give a clear picture of you.

#2 High-resolution image

The LinkedIn profile picture measures 400 x 400 pixels, which is the ideal size. Even large file sizes up to 8MB is fine. However, stay away from using low-resolution and small images. If the photo you upload appears blurry, then you should opt for another one. Always take a fresh photo to be used for your LinkedIn profile.

#3 Focus on your face

Photos wherein you stand atop a hill work extremely well with regular social media platforms. As this one is a professional network, it focuses on letting candidates know how you look. While changing the LinkdIn profile photo, ensure that your face covers nearly 60% of the space. You can crop the picture to make your face fit the frame.

#4 Say no to group pictures

Well, your LinkedIn profile is your digital identity and you should not let anyone else the profile. You can use group pictures on Facebook and Instagram but not on LinkedIn. Say no to group photos in the professional network. It is always good to have the best solo photo for your profile.

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#5 Don’t use a selfie

It is fine to use a photo captured using a smartphone but you should be stern not to use selfies as profile pictures. The reason is that selfie cameras are not high-resolution. You can ask a coworker or friend to click a photo for you and use it as a profile picture.

#6 Select the right expression

Your LinkedIn profile photo is a possibility to convey your creation. If you belong to a band, which is a lot more serious, then you should generally speak, smile and help candidates ease and make it more approachable. In a study subjecting 800 profile pictures, it has been found that people view the profile if the photo is competent, influential and likable.

#7 Avoid distracting backdrops

While clicking LinkedIn profile photos, you should ensure that your face is the focal point. You should click the photo against a white backdrop or an empty space. Avoid capturing the profile photo against nature or a painted wall as it will outshine your face. Alternatively, you can showcase your work or banner.

#8 Don’t ignore dress code

The dress code varies from one workplace to another but it sets a vibe related to work. You should wear what you will wear to work when you get the LinkedIn profile photo clicked. You should neither be overdressed not be underdressed. Stick to formal wear and solid colors as these work wonders for LinkedIn.

#9 Use natural light

Lighting is a key component of photography and has the potential to change the look and feel of the photo. Compared to using a camera flash and fluorescent lighting, natural lighting is the best as it produces stunning results. But avoid direct sunlight as it will result in blown-out images.

#10 Use proper filters

LinkedIn offers six filters for its users. Notably, these filters can be applied to the profile picture to give a great look and feel. You should use the proper filter to convey the right mood. You should try these filters to know the differences between them.

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