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As a result of technological advancement, the computing experience is leading towards a new wave called Quantum computing. In general, Quantum computers provide an advanced way of processing information compared to standard powerful computers. 

Quantum computing is an area in computing, where the computer is developed based on the principles of quantum theory. Many of the industry leaders are racing to develop and launch a viable quantum computer and make it available commercially. In this regard, Universal Quantum, the company from the UK uses disruptive technology to scale-up quantum computing.

Raised €4 million!

Recently, Universal Quantum, a disruptive player on the global quantum computing stage has raised €4 million in a seed-funding round. The investors in this funding round include Hoxton Ventures, Village Global, Propagator VC, Luminous VC, 7percent, as well as influential individuals.

Dr. Sebastian Weidt, CEO at Universal Quantum, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have such high-calibre investors join our vision and are excited about our technology and outstanding team. We’ve done the research, now this investment puts us on an incredibly exciting path to actually building practical quantum computers.”

Best and unique approach!

According to the investors, Universal Quantum is having ‘the best approach to deliver on the exponential promises of quantum’. With this funding, the Brighton-based firm is set to develop its ground-breaking new quantum computing approach and compete with the world’s biggest quantum computing companies. 

The UK company is on a mission building quantum computers to tackle real-world problems that would take today’s fastest supercomputers billions of years to solve. Notably, Universal Quantum has officially been spun out of the University of Sussex, founded by Professor Winfried Hensinger and Dr. Sebastian Weidt in 2018.

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Professor Winfried Hensinger, Chairman and Chief Scientist at Universal Quantum, said: “Quantum computing has the power to change the world for the better. We are taking a small but significant step toward realising that potential by getting started with the engineering to create practical quantum computers. While it is a major engineering challenge, our technology and approach do not rely on making major physics breakthroughs.

Hensinger and Weidt have developed a radical new approach to building a quantum computer. The company also believes that its technology has a realistic opportunity of being scaled up into machines large enough to unleash the huge potential of quantum computing.

What’s so unique? 

Unlike others, Universal Quantum has a unique approach to building a large-scale quantum computer comparatively. The company has developed technology based on trapped ions (charged atoms) to carry out calculations using well-established microwave technology, such as that used in mobile phones, removing the need for a prohibitive number of laser beams. 

It substantially reduces the necessary cooling requirements, allowing it to operate at a much easier to obtain temperature of (-200C) which is critical in making quantum computers far more practical and capable of operating millions of qubits. 

It has also developed a unique modular approach based on fast electric-field links connecting individual modules, enabling the company to scale-up to practical quantum computers that are able to process millions of qubits.

Winfried Hensinger added, “We’re assembling the brightest minds to do just that, paving the way for a British start-up to lead the journey to a truly useful and usable one million qubit quantum computer. Our large-scale quantum computers will one day allow us to tackle the grand global issues of our time, from creating new pharmaceuticals, revolutionizing financial modelling, tackling optimisation problems, machine learning even helping to feed the worlds’ population by making fertilizer more efficiently.”

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