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The system of intranet technology has witnessed an essential growth and innovations over the years making it easier for the employees to do their work efficiently. These days Intranet come equipped with intuitive features and other factors that offer collaborative purposes.

In the latest development, the Amsterdam-based startup Plek has raised an investment through financing platform Voordegroei. This startup, a part of ILUMY, will use this funding to enhance the company’s growth and reach to the next level.

What is Plek all about?

Plek is a software, that can be used as a social intranet, community platform or digital workplace for teams. This software helps in connecting the people across the boundaries of teams, departments and organizations.

Unlike other complicated software, Plek is simple to use, fast and can be used in computer, smartphones and mobiles. It also has an in Android and iOS platforms that are fully optimized for mobile, along with iPad as well.

It also offers all the necessary basic functions, such as news, mug book, groups, messages, chat, calendar and documents. Also, it has a global search function, where the results are arranged in order. Furthermore, it can be integrated with platforms such as Google Drive, Office 365 and SharePoint.

Once you install the app, Plek explains itself to new users when they first click on its platform. Called as ‘onboarding’, it usually contains a short introduction, choosing of groups, adjusting profile and a short tour.

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Voordegroei (Forward Growth)

Founded in 2014 by Bart, Forward Growth is an online financing (informal funding) platform that brings investors together through who are looking for new investment opportunities and companies looking for growth financing.

In order for the company to qualify for financing at Voordegroei, they must have a healthy cash flow, are in their second or third growth phase and have an investment requirement of at least 250,000 euros.

Furthermore, the platform Forward Growth deals with is an ‘informal funding’, where the private investors provide loan with an interest rate, but won’t invest in shares.

Rik Mulder, director of Plek, said, “More and more organizations opt for Plek as a social intranet or community platform, we started in 2014 and were now the number two among Dutch providers, we have financed PLEK from ILUMY, and now we get growth financing without having to surrender shares. loan with favorable conditions, which is special for a start-up, which means that we are doing well. ”

Social media has a powerful influence in today’s society! While many company fail to harness it, recreating a social intranet experience like ‘Plek’ for younger staff’s can work miracle on staff engagement, communication and other purposes.

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