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Legal Tech aka legal technology is an industry that uses technology and software to provide legal services. Nowadays, the legal tech companies are disrupting the conservative legal market. Basically, such companies use technology and software for billing, electronic discovery, accounting, practice management and document storage.

These legal tech companies have redefined the practice of law by providing people access to online software to reduce or eliminate the need to consult a lawyer. In some cases, it lets people connect with lawyers efficiently through lawyer-matching websites or online marketplaces.

As legal issues could be expensive and time-consuming, but these legal tech startups focus on making the same affordable, easy and quick. In Europe, the Netherlands is home to many startups and entrepreneurs creating successful legal tech businesses and here we list such innovative startups.


Ligo (Amsterdam)

Founders: Wendy Bogers
Founding: €500k
Valuation: €2 million – €3 million
Founded Year: 2015

Why it’s hot: Ligo, a legal tech startup by an ambitious female founder Wendy Bogers claims to be the best to manage your company’s legal matters. It is one of the well-known female-founded startups. It reduces costs, complies with complex legislation and increases revenue. Ligo does this by automating the processes involved in the creation of legal documents and management of legal matters.


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LegalMatters (Amsterdam)

Founders: Albert Oegema, Piet-Hein Boekel
Founding: €600k
Valuation: €2 million – €4 million
Founded Year: 2014

Why its hot: LegalMatters is a Dutch online platform for entrepreneurs. It offers a total package of legal products and services at competitive and fixed prices. The team of LegalMatters comprises a team of skilled lawyers who enthusiastically on providing a refreshing perspective to legal services.


Legisway (Amsterdam)

Founders: Harm Bavinck
Funding: Acquired by Wolters Kluwer
Founded Year: 2002

Why its hot: Legisway previously known as Effacts was acquired by Wolters Kluwer. The company provides an easy way to organise legal documents and data, improve collaboration with the business and elevate the legal access. Legisway centralises and automates the legal information and processes in a single solution, thereby offering better risk control, greater efficiency and improved collaboration.


Legalloyd (Amsterdam)

Founders: Philip de Roos
Founding: €500k
Founded Year: 2011

Why its hot: Legalloyd makes accessing legal services easy and affordable. The software offers entrepreneurs several options to solve legal matters. Legallyod offers legal solutions in a new way and radically low pricing.


Clocktimizer (Utrecht)

Founders: Bram Fokke, Pieter van der Hoeven
Founding: €180k
Founded Year: 2014

Why its hot: Clocktimizer is a subscription-only service operating with the mission to make legal practice more transparent and predictable. The company was founded to address the consumers’ demand for transparency in the world of changing legal services. Also, it intends to the same in a sustainable way.


LexIQ (Rotterdam)

CEO: Martin van Hemert
Founded Year: 2016

Why its hot: LexIQ is involved in the development of data analysis software based on natural language processing and machine learning. By analysing and labelling data and displaying the same as interactive visualisations, LexIQ provides new insights into organisation related data.


LegalThings (Amsterdam)

Founders: Arnold Daniels, Martijn Migchelsen, Rick Schmitz
Founded Year: 2014

Why its hot: LegalThings is a spin-off from FIRM 24, which is the biggest notary platform in the Netherlands. This legal tech startup was established to address the common pain points faced by those in the corporate world. The white-label solution offered by LegalThings wants all organisations to upgrade their transaction management.


FIRM24 (Amsterdam)

Founders: Martijn Migchelsen, Rick Schmitz
Founded Year: 2013

Why its hot: After the introduction of the Simplification and Flexibility of BV Law Act in the Netherlands, it required entrepreneurs to file a notary to set up a private limited company. This is when FIRM24 was launched. It is a platform where entrepreneurs can establish their BV and other things that are associated with it.


MochaDocs (Enschede)

CEO: Rob Postma
Founded Year: 2013

Why its hot: MochaDocs works with the mission to replace the annoying contract management tools with solutions that people love. MochaDocs’ contract management platform is the most powerful, flexible and comprehensive contract management solution that lets businesses manage their contracts. Based in the Netherlands, this company is now located in over 35 countries across the world.

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