Levenue acquires Amsterdam-based fintech company Requr to consolidate its position in RBF market



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Levenue, a revenue-based finance marketplace, announced that it has acquired Amsterdam-based fintech company Requr for an undisclosed fee. With this move, Levenue aims to capitalise on the growing popularity of Revenue-Based-Financing (RBF). 

For the uninitiated, RBF is a way to raise funds based on the company’s revenues. Companies that opt for RBF will have to pledge a part of their annual revenue in exchange for capital. In this case, founders do not have to give up equity or collateral.

Levenue says the acquisition of Requr has consolidated its position as the “one-stop go-to funding solution” for all European subscription-based businesses. 

Requr’s founders have emphasised that they believe their data flow, underwriting, and data analysis model will work well with Levenue’s technological capabilities, international team, marketing strategy, and experience.

The acquisition follows Levenue’s expansion into the Nordics after successful launches in the Benelux and the UK.

Requr: What you need to know

Lennard Kooy and Tom van Wees founded Requr in 2021 after experiencing the different sides of the existing ways of funding a software company.

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The Dutch startup matches professional investors looking for attractive returns with SaaS companies looking for a non-dilutive and cheap way of funding their business.

Besides Requr, Kooy is also the founder & CEO of Amsterdam-based martech platform Storyteq and co-founder of safety workflow platform VeiligWerk (or SafetyFirst). 

Van Wees is a co-founder and CCO of online payment platform Ginger. He started his career as a tech-focused investment banker.

Commenting on the acquisition, Wees says, “We found each other on a shared mission: creating a better funding experience for European SaaS entrepreneurs.”

Levenue: What you need to know

Benjamin Rieder, Zahra Alubudi, and Anthony De Meulenmeester founded Levenue after a frustrating experience of not finding proper financing for subscription-based businesses. 

The company offers a revenue-based finance marketplace that connects institutional investors with founders/ CFO’S, similar to Requr. 

Levenue provides SaaS companies with growth capital without diluting shareholders or without the need for high consumer discounts, by leveraging on revenues.

“Seeing how the RBF market matures very quickly in other parts of the world, joining forces seemed to be the most intelligent way to gain extra momentum, and consolidate the knowledge to build a seamless, legally sound, and quicker solution for European SaaS founders and investors alike,” the company mentions in a blogpost. 

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