14 London-based female-founded startups that raised funding in 2022; 8 of them are hiring right now



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The European business ecosystem is far from being equal, inclusive, and diverse. Especially, when it comes to the technology sector, women are somehow overshadowed by men and their scope for achievements in the industry isn’t the same.

But, women have come a long way! It is not easy for a budding female entrepreneur to start and grow a business, particularly in hotspot cities like London. However, numerous women have made huge strides in the past few years in what has historically been a male domain. 

Here is a list of notable London tech startups with female founders that have raised funding this year. Some of them are hiring now as well. 

Picture credits: Your Juno

Your Juno

Founder/s: Alexia de Broglie and Margot de Broglie

Funding in 2022: €1.96M

Your Juno is a startup aiming to help make women and non-binary users better investors. According to the co-founders, the gender gap in financial confidence and education is a primary reason for women’s lack of engagement in finance. The app provides short-form video courses from notable money experts. In March, the company secured €1.96M in a funding round led by InReach Ventures.

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Picture credits: Solivus Limited

Solivus Limited

CEO: Jo Parker-Swift

Funding in 2022: €2.8M

Solivus is a London-based solar energy company that develops ultra-thin solar panels that can be fitted to commercial rooftops. 

The company is on a mission to power mega-buildings and homes with clean energy generated on-site using new thin-film solar, overcoming weight and aesthetic challenges. In February, , the company raised €2.8M in funding led by Founders Factory, G-force and Crowdcube investors.

The company is hiring for four positions. Check them here.  

Picture credits: Daytrip


Founder/s: Jan Prokop, Jiri Svacek, Marketa Blahova, Tomas Turek

Funding in 2022: €6M

Daytrip is a platform for traveling with local drivers. The platform allows independent travelers to get the most out of their vacation by connecting them to local drivers, who drive them from one city to another with their cars, discovering local sights and culture on the way. Last month, the company raised €6M in funding in a Series A round led by Euroventures. Currently, the company has two open positions. Check them now.

Picture credits: Kate Hyndman


CEO: Kate Hyndman

Funding in 2022: €1.27B

FNZ is the global platform provider in the wealth management sector. The company combines technology, infrastructure and investment operations in a single platform that frees its institutional customers to create hyper-personalised and innovative products and services that are seamlessly aligned with the needs of their clients.

To date, the company has partnered with over 650 of the world’s leading financial institutions and over 8,000 wealth management firms. Last month, the company raised $1.4B (approx €1.27B) in new equity funding from Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and Motive Partners. 

Want to be part of  creating a better future of wealth that’s more connected, transparent and open? Click here

Picture credits: Bryony Elliott


Founder/s: Bryony Elliott and Barny Darby 

Funding in 2022: €7.4M

Hullabalook is a B2B software company whose technology platform transforms the way retailers build e-commerce sites. The London company provides an e-commerce platform that makes it possible to create user journeys that are impossible with any other technology choice, and can be quickly deployed by both startups and the large enterprise retailers. Last month, the company raised $8.2M (approx €7.4M) led by Nauta Capital. 

Picture credits: Michelle He


Founder/s: Gerald Chappell, Michelle He

Funding in 2022: €9.5M

Fintern is a fast-growing UK-based credit technology platform. The startup uses open banking and AI to analyse customers’ financial circumstances and offer loans. Last month, the company raised €9.5M in funding led by Hambro Perks.

At present, the company is hiring Collection Managers. You can apply here.

Picture credits: Sabrina Sadiq

Luxury Promise

Founder/s: Sabrina Sadiq

Funding in 2022: €9.5M

Luxury Promise is a platform for second-hand luxury products. The company aims to democratise the luxury sector by providing customers with access to products that are authenticated through tech-enabled social commerce. In February, the company raised €9.5M in funding led by existing investors, including Beringea.

Picture credits: Dr. Bea Bakshi

C the Signs

Founder/s: Dr. Bea Bakshi and Dr. Miles Payling

Funding in 2022: €6M

C the Signs is an AI-driven cancer detection platform. The company’s system analyses thousands of data points, using a combination of clinical signs, symptoms, risk factors, and other markers, to spot which cancer(s) a patient is at risk of and fast-track them to the most appropriate test or referral in less than 30 seconds. Last month, the company raised €6M in a Series A round led by MMC Ventures.

Picture credits: Grace Beverly


Founder/s: Grace Beverley

Funding in 2022: €5M

Tala is a sustainable activewear brand that offers leggings, shorts, sports bras, tops, hoodies, and other cloth products made with upcycled, recycled and natural materials.Last month, the company secured €5M in a funding round  co-led by Active Partners and Venrex. 

Picture credits: Hayley

Skiller Whale

Founder/s: Hywel Carver, Hayley, and Dave Millican 

Funding in 2022: €2.6M

Skiller Whale is an online training platform that offers hands-on micro-coaching for developers, with topics targeted at individuals’ skill gaps. As per the company’s claims, each team member gets a personalised learning plan, based on skill and gap analysis. 

In January, the company raised $2.9M (approx €2.6M) funding in a Seed round led by Brighteye Ventures. Skiller Whale is now hiring for the post of Lead Software Engineer. Click here to apply. 

Picture credits: Stephanie Desmond


Founder/s: Stephanie Desmond

Funding in 2022: €1.1M

Bloss is a technology platform that connects users to parenting experts. It is an ecosystem of user-rated, professional experts to help navigate the parenting journey from trying to conceive to parenting teenagers. 

The platform offers book in-person consultations, video calls, chat and digest free bitesize advice. 

Earlier this year, the company raised £1M (approx €1.1M) in a pre-seed round led by Antler. The company is looking for a Growth Marketing Manager. Click here to apply.

Picture credits: Secret Spa

Secret Spa

Founder/s: Rider Latham, Emily Ewart-Perks

Funding in 2022: €1.7M

Secret Spa is a luxury mobile beauty app that offers a booking on a menu of beauty and wellness treatments, from trusted therapists, in the convenience of the client’s home, office, or hotel. The company’s customers include Amanda Holden, Vogue Williams, and Suki Waterhouse. In January, the company secured £1.5M (approx €1.7M) led by Love Ventures. 

Right now, the company is hiring for the post of Client Concierge Executive. Click here to apply. 

Picture credits: Marie-Alexandrine Burrows

Vertical Future

Founder/s: Jamie Burrows, Marie-Alexandrine Burrows

Funding in 2022: €25M

Vertical Future is a Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technology and research startup. The company builds vertical farming hardware and software technologies and offers operational support and consulting services.

In January, Vertical Future raised £21M (approx €25M) in a Series A round from Pula Investments, environmentalist Gregory Nasmyth, Nickleby Capital (representing various UHNW family offices), Dyfan Investment.

Picture credits: Melanie Hayes


Founder/s: Andy Thomas and Melanie Hayes

Funding in 2022: €3.8M

KYND has created cyber risk management solutions for the insurance industry. The company’s technology enables businesses to easily monitor and understand the cyber risks they face, take action when necessary, and be alerted to future risks as they arise. 
In January, the company raised £3.25M (approx €3.8M) in funding from BGF. The company is hiring a candidate for Business Development Manager. Click here to apply.


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