Future of AR in our eyeballs: Mojo Vision demos coolest smart contact lens and it’s nothing short of dream



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Mojo Vision, an Invisible Computing Company, dedicated to developing products and platforms that re-imagine the intersection of ideas, information, and people, has revealed a smart contact lens.

What’s so special about it? Well, it has a tiny built-in display that lets you view AR images on-screen sitting right in front of you. According to Steve Sinclair, senior vice president of marketing, it is called Invisible Computing, which imposes virtual information on the real world, without requiring you to wear huge goggles or headsets.

These patented lenses are still a prototype under development. Notably, one of the lead investors is Google’s Gradient Ventures. It’s worth mentioning that, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) has reportedly shown interest in the smart contact lens developed by French engineering firm IMT Atlantique.

Last year, in May, the company unveiled its Mojo Vision 14K PPI Display, the smallest, densest dynamic display ever made. The prototype technology powers the world’s smallest pixels, delivering a pixel density 300 times greater than current smartphone displays.

The display uses MicroLEDs, a technology expected to play a critical role in the future development of next-generation wearables, AR/VR hardware, and heads up displays (HUDs).

As per the company claims, the tiny lens will have little displays, batteries, and other components that make a whole computer on top of your eyeball. The Mojo Lens is in the Research and Development phase and won’t be available for sale anywhere as of now.

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The company is exploring new ways people can receive and share information that is immediate and relevant but doesn’t distract their attention from the world in front of them.

Main image picture credits: Mojo Vision

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