10 cool Norwegian tech startups to work for in 2019

10 cool Norwegian tech startups to work for in 2019

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Norway is one of the flourishing regions in the Nordics with its main startup hub located in Oslo. Though Norway is outshined by the bigger business ecosystems in Stockholm and Finland in the Nordics, it is catching up with the trend.

Especially, Norway has good support from the government with initiatives such as Startup Norway. The companies focus on developing sustainable and socially impacting business models. Gradually, Norway is turning into a thriving startup ecosystem. Having said that, here we have come up some Norwegian startups to work for in 2019 via Dealroom.

Spacemaker AI (Oslo)

Founders – Anders Kvale, Carl Christensen, Håvard Haukeland

Since 2016, Spacemaker AI is involved in designing urban site plans to meet the requirements of modern society. The startup uses tools and processes in site development. With the rapidly increasing urbanisation, low-quality and slow site development are becoming a threat to sustainable urban growth.

Ardoq (Oslo)

Founders – Erik Bakstad, Magnulf Pilskog
Funding – €4.7 million

Founded in 2013, Ardoq represents the next-generation of EA platforms. The company’s Enterprise Intelligence Graph connects processes, data and people across businesses and empowers them. It has clients across industries such as telecom, finance, energy and utilities and consumer services. It ensures risk mitigation, cost savings, GDPR compliance and good governance.

Convertillegence (Oslo)

Founders – Arash Saidi, John Antonio Nilsen

Convertelligence was founded in 2016 as a language technology company. It devices Kindly, a chatbots design platform using artificial intelligence to ensure building smart and robust chatbots. Kindly is easy to use and let’s automate customer conversations.

Bilagos (Oslo)

Founders – Robert Kristiansen

Bilagos is in operation since 2015. It was started with the aim to revolutionise the accounting industry with advanced technology. The startup has developed an accounting robot SEMINE. This is a revolutionary AI platform for data classification, accounting and analysis. The robot enables the finance department to reduce costs, release time and resources and increase competitiveness.

CataylstOne (Oslo)

Founders – Avtar Jasser
Funding – €4 million

Established in 2004, CatalystOne is a rapidly growing SaaS company specialising in software and services. It digitises HR process and enables creating a positive relationship between managers, HRs and employees. It is the leader within HCM (Human Capital Management) software and provides user-friendly solutions and processes such as performance management, learning management, talent management and HR master data.

Attensi (Oslo)

Founders – Odd Skarheim
Funding – €5.9 million

Attensi is a global leader in 3D gamified simulation training for large companies and corporations. Founded in 2012, this startup creates a ‘learning by doing’ environment in a 3D virtual setting. For this, the startup uses a unique combination of realism and gamification along with varied and deep interactivity powered by game AI. This makes training engaging and fun-filled.

Boost AI (Sandnes)

Founders – Hadle Selsås, Henry Vaage Iversen, Lars Selsås
Funding – €4.4 million

Established in 2016, Boost developed a market-leading platform for virtual assistants. This platform is meant for organisations and enterprises with expert knowledge in insurance, banking, tax, health and other domains. It can respond to customers queries efficiently and quickly with unrivalled accuracy.

Otovo (Oslo)

Founders – Andreas Thorsheim, Simen Fure Jørgensen, Lars Syse Christiansen, Andreas Bentzen
Funding – €19.8 million

Otovo founded in 2016 is a distributed energy startup offering solar panels and installation services. It also provides a system for buying and selling energy. Depending on the planning software and e-commerce expertise, the company tailors the solar panel system so that there is maximised solar resource. For now, the company has delivered over 1000 facilities in Norway and Sweden.

IDEX ASA (Fornebu)

CEO – Stan Swearingen
Funding – €420k

IDEX Biometric aka IDEX ASA is a leading provider of fingerprint identification technologies founded in 1996. The startup offers secure, simple and personal authentication for all. It helps people make payments, gain access to information, provide their identity, gain admittance to buildings or unlock devices with a touch of a finger.

Airthings (Oslo)

Founders – Bjørn Magne Sundal, Koki Yoshioka
Funding – €6.1 million

Founded in 2008, Airthings is a manufacturer of world-class air quality monitors and detectors. The startup uses the most accurate technologies in order to create user-friendly solutions to customers.

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