10 fastest growing SaaS startups in Stockholm to work for in 2019

10 fastest growing SaaS startups in Stockholm to work for in 2019

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SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) lets users connect to the cloud-based apps and use them via the internet. This way, users can access the applications that are maintained by the same provider including performance, availability and security.

SaaS companies are growing due to the accelerated growth of cloud-based services. And, this is the recent trend in the business ecosystem in Europe. This sector optimises interactions and simplifies analytics. Eventually, it changes the way businesses work. For now, it looks like there will be no plunge in the growth of SaaS startups.

If you are new to Stockholm and want to work for a SaaS startup, then you can consider these 10 startups as sourced from Dealroom.


Founders: Andreas Yannelos, Egil Bergenlind, Sebastian Norling, Lelle Cryssanthander
Funding: €6 million

DPOrganizer is in operations since 2015. It offers a SaaS solution that helps businesses grow and adhere to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The startup works with customers across 17 countries and offers services such as data protection management software that helps businesses map, visualise and manage personal data processing.


Founders: Andreas Lee, Sarah Lee, Thor Olof Philogène, Anders Örbom
Funding: €5.6 million

Established in 2017, Stravito offers a SaaS solution to bring global consumer packaged goods companies together, structure and search the market intelligence. With this solution, companies can come up with better data-driven and strategic decisions. This service is similar to an internal search engine that stores marketing and sales intelligence data of businesses in the cloud to make them accessible for global users.


Founders: Luka Crnkovic-Friis, Måns Erlandsson
Funding: €34.3 million

Peltarion was founded in 2005 with the mission to make Artificial Intelligence more affordable and usable for NGOs, governments and businesses. This company believes that making AI accessible will solve real-life problems including food distribution and disease diagnosis at a faster pace. It helps businesses develop and deploy affordable AI services and products faster and easier.


Founders: Fredrik Skantze, Per Made
Funding: €18 million

Funnel launched in 2014 provides businesses with smart data sourcing, which integrates over 400 advertising and marketing platforms. The company lets enhanced marketing performance possible without eliminating the traditional intricate course of manual spreadsheets. This startup specialises in data sourcing, transformation and feed.


Founders: Per Nord
Funding: €9.2 million

In the physical retail experience, queues and dated technology, slow payment solutions and impersonal mass marketing are major setbacks. To delight customers and provide them with better retail experience, Leeroy was founded in 2008. The company delivers a turn-key solution to resolve the issue.


Founders: Henric Malmberg, Tom Söderlund
Funding: €100k

Weld founded in 2008 is an independent digital agency. The startup has developed a digital platform to create lasting connections between consumers and brands. Design-Led communication and digital execution have helped the company earn a reputation that makes it work across multiple categories.


Founders: Hugo Wernhoff, Nicholas Johansson
Funding: €6.6 million

Kognity founded in 2012 is one of the fast-growing edtech startups in the world. The company aims to improve learning radically. The company works with the vision that there are few important jobs than educating young people in the world. It believes that education has a great impact on the well-being and prosperity of people.


Founders: Alper Aydemir, Caroline Walerud, Miroslav Kobetski, Rasmus Göransson
Funding: €5.5 million

At Volumental that was founded in 2012, they are building a world that will fit everyone. The company provides fast and simple 3D body scanning solution. This provides data for creating customised products and suggesting product recommendations to customers.


Founders: Erik Fjellborg
Funding: €48.6 million

Quinyx is a cloud-based workforce management solutions provider founded in 2005. The company develops innovative web-based workforce management application called Quinyx WFM. It supplies workforce management technology to a wide clientele comprising McDonald’s, IHG, Boots, Swarovski, Rituals, Burger King and London City Airport among others.


Founders: Gracjan Polak, Lukas Duczko
Funding: €1.8 million

Established in 2010, Scrive is a leading solution for e-signing in the Nordics. The company helps customers improve sales results across channels including online, in-store and phone. It has customers across 30 countries in various industries including staffing, insurance, banking, telecom and more.

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