10 promising Austrian tech startups to work for in 2019

10 promising Austrian tech startups to work for in 2019

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Austria is a mountainous country that is full of innovation. Its capital Vienna is a cultural icon with a rich heritage in music, art, architecture and history. Besides these, it is a hot startup hotspot as well. The city is home to a variety of startups ranging from deep-tech to e-commerce.

Furthermore, the Austrian government offers efforts to support entrepreneurs with a comprehensive startup program that makes the country startup-friendly. Pioneers Festival tech event is also hosted in Vienna and supports a slew of successful startups.

Are you looking forward to working with a startup that has its roots in Austria? Well, here is a list of Austrian tech startups across various categories to work with this year as sourced from Dealroom.


Founders: Alexander Igelsböck, Andreas Glänzer, Martin Brunthaler
Funding: €14.2 million

Adverity is a SaaS platform specialist founded in 2014. It has developed a platform for advertisers and marketers to integrate different data points. The innovative platform lets clients connect and work with marketing, media and e-commerce ecosystems easily. The company has offices located in Germany, Austria and London and is in plans to open a new office in New York as well.


Founders: Andreas Woditschka, Emanuel Steininger, Hanno Lippitsch, Ivo Radulovski
Funding: €9.6 million

Eversports was founded in 2013. It connects its members with sports venues directly and helps them book courses and courts and meet sports partners. Earlier this year, an innovative and all-in-one SaaS solution for fitness and health Fitmanager announced a merger with Eversports. As a result of the merger, the team of Fitmanager will be completely integrated with Everports.

Privé Technologies

Founders: Charles Wong, Julian Schillinger
Funding: €190k

Privé Technologies that was launched in 2011 is a leading innovator in financial and wealth management. It was awarded 2018 Fintech of the year and was recognised as the fastest growing tech company in Hong Kong by Deloitte in 2017. it offers end-to-end solutions for banks, independent asset managers, insurance companies and financial advisors.


Founders: Franz Fuchsberger, Wolfgang Platz
Funding: €150 million

Established in 2007, Tricentis helps enterprise development teams automate the process of software testing with Tricentis Tosca. The company provides automated insight to reduce business risk, improve cost efficiency and accelerate software delivery speed. The company has a global presence in several countries such as Austria, Belgium, Australia, Germany, Denmark, India, Singapore, Poland, US, UK and Switzerland.


Founders: Shawn Pittman, Travis Pittman
Funding: €60.4 million

Travel tech startup TourRadar is an online tour booking marketplace. It sells multi-day tour experiences via over 600 operators across Australia, Europe, Asia, America and New Zealand. Founded in 2010, this startup offers over 25,000 tours in 200 countries. Customers can search by geographies, service providers, prices and categories.


Founders: Georg Reich, Stefan Pinggera
Funding: €4 million

CheckYeti founded in 2014 is a leading booking platform for outdoor activities and winter sports. It operates via web and app and lists over 8,500 offers from local ski schools in more than 600 destinations across Europe. Users can compare and book instructors, providers and guides online.


Founders: Katharina Klausberger, Armin Strbac

Shpock is a mobile marketplace that connects millions of private sellers and buyers and local businesses. The range of products and services offered by the marketplace include fashion, furniture and electronics. The platform has over 10 million active users and its app is available in six countries across Europe including Austria, Sweden, Norway, Italy, UK and Germany.

Semantic Web Company

Founders: Andreas Blumauer, Martin Kaltenbock

Semantic Web Company (SWC) is in operation since 2001. It supports organisations from all industrial sectors and improves their information management. Their core product – PoolParty has outstanding capabilities to create and maintain knowledge graphs. It extracts meaning from big data by makes use of linked data technologies.


Founders: Andrea Rusconi Clerici, Ferruccio Bottoni, Joerg Schoenbacher
Funding: €34.8 million

Founded in 2014, USound is an audio company that offers high-performance and high-quality silicon speakers and sound solutions based on MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems) technology. The company inspires acoustic professionals and music enthusiasts with natural and crisp sound for an exceptional hearing experience.


Founders: Andreas Kern
Funding: €8.5 million

Established in 2008, wikifolio is a rapidly growing fintech startup in Europe. It is an internet platform allowing experienced investors to implement and publish trading ideas and offering them a chance to benefit from the expertise of traders.

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