10 young and exciting startups from Luxembourg to watch out for in 2019

10 young and exciting startups from Luxembourg to watch out for in 2019

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Luxembourg is eventually becoming home to people from different geographic locations. Gradually, it is growing to be one of the European countries that provide a motivating platform for tech startups. There are some interesting initiatives such as Fit4Start, Fit4Entrepreneurship, Innohub Luxembourg and more in the country to trigger the startup scene.

In this regard, we have listed some of the emerging Luxembourg startups that are all set to bet big in the tech ecosystem in the country. We have compiled this list based on the 50 startups pre-selected for Fit4Start’s Pitching Day, which was announced recently.
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ANote Music

Founders – Flavio Schena, Grégoire Mathonet and Matteo Cernuschi

Established in 2018, ANote Music is a primary marketplace for music royalties. This startup lets anyone invest in songs and purchase rights that record labels, musicians and publishers have put up for sale. It connects investors with the owners of music rights and uses blockchain for its platform.


Founders – Jean-Yves Marie and Thouraya Meftah

Founded in 2016, BIM-Y is an affordable solution that opens the doors of 3D digitalisation for the buildings that exist. It starts predictive maintenance step-by-step without any big investment. This way, the value of the building is increased boosting savings.


Founders – Nessim Medjoub and Sarah Anstett

Founded in 2016, Clickbye is an app that lets people find, organise and book their trips in a few clicks. Its platform helps them with a feature-rich platform. It also lets them book flight tickets, accommodation and activities using automation.

EmailTree AI

CEO – Casius Morea

Started in 2017, EmailTree AI offers a solution to increase email productivity, automate the composition to email and trigger automatic actions within databases. With its tool, users will spend relatively lesser time on emails and use it for other important value-added activities. This is possible with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Founders – Aaron Turner

Founded early in 2018, Hotshot is a mobile-first messaging as well as collaboration system. It is built on military-grade security offering the toughest security and adheres to the compliance standards. Its security features reduce the occurrence of data breaches.


CEO – Didier Hoareau

Founded in 2016, Keexle is a private, totally secure and easy to use communication platform of OnePrivacy based in Luxembourg. It is used for several tasks such as file sharing, chats, video conferencing and more. It offers true end-to-end encryption at a time when cybersecurity threats and data leaks are increasing.


Founders – Marc Fleschen

Launched in 2016, ZERO1 is a Li-Fi service provider. Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) is a wireless networking technology that uses LED for transmission. Its data transmission allows for bi-directional, networked, mobile and high-speed communications.


Founders – Nicolas Gauthier and Sébastien Berthelot

Initiated in 2017, Moovee is a market leader in the shared mobility sector in Luxembourg. It offers several services such as car sharing, bike sharing, kick scooter sharing, parking management and carpooling.


Founders – Mike Sebban

Founded in 2017, Shawbe is a retail and advertising mobile app. It is aimed at the independent retailers and lets them provide a user-friendly and digital solution. It includes local interactive forums too and shows local retail reviews, local retail-related content and deal notifications.

Urban Timetravel

Founders – Kai S. Utzinger

Urban Timetravel was launched in 2017. It offers tourists a way to explore their cultural heritage by travelling through time. It uses Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to give the experience to the users.

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