7 coworking spaces in Paris that entrepreneurs should consider

7 coworking spaces in Paris that entrepreneurs should consider

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France is one of the European countries that has an active and engaging entrepreneurship and startup scene. It has a network of startups and is one of the largest economies in the continent. Being a home to many innovative startups, it is important for France to have enough setup to attract more talent.

It is important for the startups and entrepreneurs to work in a motivating and encouraging setup so that they are less distracted from work and are more productive. This is where coworking spaces come to play as these provide them with all the facilities that they need and also help them build contacts. Talking about France, there are many coworking spaces in Paris to help businesses and here are some of them.


Founders – Anne and Quentin

Draft is a coworking space aimed at the budding architects, creators, crafters and designers. It will be ideal for those who want to create a prototype either for themselves or a client. Draft is not meant for those who have more to type on a computer. This coworking space provides access to the workspace for €15 per day and will charge an additional fee to use equipment such as 3D printer and laser cutter.

Le Lawomatic

Founders – Emmanuelle and Anne

Le Lawomatic started in 2011 is for the nomadic professionals who spend less than a month’s time in Paris. It is possible to rent a workspace in this environment for a month for €370. This coworking space was created with the intention to serve professionals who travel frequently. It provides them with amenities such as 24-hour access to high-speed internet, shared meeting rooms, a small cafeteria, etc.


Founders – Jérémy Marcillaud and Anthony de Jaeger

Hubsy that exists since 2015 is a coworking cafe space that provides a cosy feel with soothing music. It provides amenities such as wireless connections, meeting rooms, printers, etc. There is a small library within this workspace too. It is possible to avail these facilities at €5 per hour or €20 for five hours or more. The monthly rental will be €250.


Blue Office

Founders – Marieke van der Poel-Derks

Blue Office that exists since 2018 has five buildings in Paris. It provides wireless connectivity, a small cafeteria, printers, separate parking spaces, meeting rooms, lockers, etc. All these facilities make this a little expensive costing €25 per day.


Founders – Leonid Goncharov

AntiCafé started in 2013 is available in six locations with four of them in Paris. Each AntiCafé building has all the necessary amenities for businesses including coffee, snacks and drinks. Interestingly, access to all these is included in the hourly fee of €5 per hour or €24 for 5 hours or more.


Founders – V. Dardenne, T. Gabelle, N. Potter

Started by three entrepreneurs in 2015 in a chapel and convent, L’Archipel is a coworking and event space. There are workshops, a book swap event and visiting food trucks. It also lets professionals take a quick nap to refresh themselves. The profits that are generated will go to charity.

Greenspace Paris

Founders – Amaury de Buchet

Greenspace Paris was founded in 2010. It offers a relaxed, community-oriented, quiet and comfortable working environment. Greenspace is a quiet and safe haven for freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups to grow. There are several packages that can be chosen by the members as per their requirements.

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