These are the top 7 reasons why employees leave their job

These are the top 7 reasons why employees leave their job

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It is quite common to see employees of a company leave their job and choose to work with another company. The reasons for changing the job are many. It can be compensation, lack of growth, company culture, opportunities to grow, and much more.

Having this in mind, Hired, a San Francisco-based marketplace surveyed 3600 participants to conclude several aspects. Well, the report lists the top tech brands that individuals want to work with, the important factors to keep in mind before accepting a job offer, the factors that turn the job seekers away and much more. The Brand Health Report also lists the reasons that employees quit their job in favour of another and these are detailed below.

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#1 Higher base salary

It is known that a well-compensated and an engaging culture will make employers stay for long in their jobs. The longer an employee works at a company, the better understanding the person will have related to the job and company mission. Eventually, this results in more productivity and creates stronger teams. However, if the company does not provide enough base salary, then it is common for employees to leave the company and move to another job that offers a higher base salary. This is what 75% of the participants surveyed by Hired also state.

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#2 New challenges and problems to solve

No one would want to work in a company that is boring and unchallenged. If there is someone who wishes to work in such an environment, it indicates that the person is yet to find a hidden passion. To be highly productive, employees should enjoy their job. And, to enjoy, it is important to have a challenging role. As per the Hired report, 56% of the participants have stated that they will quit a job if there aren’t challenges and issues to solve.

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#3 Better location and commute

Who would like to travel hours together to reach their workplace? In the current era where remote working is gaining traction, people will want to save the time they spend on the commute to and fro to their workplace. If there is a better paying job that is located at a convenient location and reduces the commute time, then 42% of the participants claim to prefer such a job over their existing one.

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#4 Not feeling valued by current manager

Appreciation is very important, irrespective of the place. No one will want their performance to go unnoticed, especially if they are dedicated and hardworking. Employees who are dedicated to their work will seek appreciation from their immediate head. And, when they are not valued by their manager, they will quit the company, claim 39% of the participants.

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#5 Higher title

Career growth is something that is very important for any individual. If there is no growth in the career, then that will be a huge concern for the employees. When a company that a person is working for is not giving enough opportunities to grow and a higher title and roles and responsibilities related to the same, the person will move to a company that gives them a higher title, claim 32% of the participants surveyed by Hired.

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#6 Well-known company

Who would like to work for a company that is not popular? Well, everyone who aspires to take their career to the next level will want to work with a company that is popular. Apparently, when a well-known company offers a job, then it is common for the employees to quit the company they are working for at the moment. And, 27% of the surveyed participants of the Hired report state this as a reason for job change.

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#7 Larger team with more resources

Well, 16% of the participants claim that they will leave the company that they are working for if they get an opportunity to work with a larger team with more resources. This is quite natural for any candidate who seeks to grow and be engaged with work. After all, a larger team will provide them an opportunity to take their career trajectory uphill.

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