9 proptech startups in Germany making buying, renting and selling properties easy

9 proptech startups in Germany making buying, renting and selling properties easy

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Proptech aka property technology is a business that uses digital innovation to meet the requirements in the real estate industry. Companies involved in this business use information technology to help businesses, companies and individuals buy, rent and sell real estate with ease. Proptech companies streamline and connect processes across all stages including buyers, sellers, lenders, landlords and middlemen.

Some modern proptech companies use the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and more to make managing and finding properties without much effort. As it is a relatively new field, cloud and digital transformation are also driving this industry forward. Today, we have come up with a list of German proptech startups that will help you find a property for buying or renting or sell the one you own as sourced from Dealroom.

Homeday (Berlin)

Founders: Dmitri Uvarovski, Steffen Wicker
Funding: €20 million

Homeday is a Berlin-based proptech company that is fast growing. Established in 2014, the company is on a mission to revolutionise the way people can buy and sell property. Homeday offers a better way by offering more efficiency, transparency and smooth experience for the involved parties at all stages. The unique technology that the company uses aims at making real estate transactions effortless, simple and fast.

Exporo (Hamburg)

Founders: Björn Maronde, Julian Oertzen, Simon Brunke, Tim Bütecke
Funding: €16.2 million

Founded in 2014, Exporo is an innovative internet platform offering investors an opportunity to take part in real estate projects via crowdinvesting. The team at Exporo has great expertise in asset-backed investments and a proven record of funding real estate projects successfully.


Founder: Florian Kuhlmann
Funding: €15 million

LEVERTON is a proptech company that uses Artificial Intelligence for data extraction and contract analytics to help businesses extract and analyse structured data from legal and corporate documents. Founded in 2012, the company’s secure platform includes proprietary OCR and deep learning algorithms to accelerate discovery and extraction of data that will speed up the process and increase the ROI. The company has offices in London, New York and New Delhi apart from its headquarters in Berlin.

realbest (Berlin)

Founders: Axel Winckler, Mathias Baumeister
Funding: €7 million

realbest is the first online sales platform that deals with residential real estate in Germany. The company digitises the process involves stages such as real estate valuation of both private homes and apartments and online reservations of the same. The company involves financial advisers, real estate agents and other intermediaries handle the process. Notably, this proptech company ensures high transparency and a faster purchase rate than the traditional buying process.

Housy (Berlin)

Founders: Raymond Naseem, Sebastian Melchert
Funding: €1.6 million

Housy, which is in operations since 2015 provides property owners to find the perfect tenants in three steps without much paperwork and stress. The company uses a matching algorithm that matches the requirements of the owners and the criteria of the ones looking for a property. With its algorithm, Housy has reversed the process of housing placement.

Convaron (Berlin)

Founders: Tim Meger-Guingamp, Alexander Dolokov

Convaron is a one-stop solution providing consultancy and services related to the digitisation of real estate. Established in 2015, this proptech startup lets property owners manage their portfolio more competitively and efficiently. The floor plan analysis of the company gives property owners better planning ability regarding maintenance, modernisation, renovation, extensions and operating costs. The algorithms are based on artificial intelligence for better efficiency.

Hypofriend (Berlin)

Founders: Nick Mulder, Pavel Jurasek

To simplify the process of getting a mortgage, which is complex, hard and time-consuming, Hypofriend was founded in 2018. The company changes the way people think about mortgage. It helps to mortgage your property easier and more transparent. At Hypofriend, they have built unique and best-in-class tools for customers to diagnose mortgage instead of selling a product.

wohnungshelden (Munich)

Founders: Martin Staudacher, Daniel Vallés Valls

Established in 2015, wohnungshelden develops a SaaS digital housing rental solution to allow landlords to program computer vision algorithms. These will let them detect build floor plans, evaluate data and convert it into 3D models automatically. It lets real estate management companies manage the property advertisements, the rental process, tenant screening and selection, appointments and rental documents.

HomeBeat.Live (Berlin)

Founders: Anton Skorokhod, Bruno Acar

HomeBeat.Live is a digital platform meant for apartment buildings founded in 2016. This platform empowers digitisation of apartment buildings. It is like Slack for buildings offering building-centric solution to fix communication, bring access and transparency to services related to apartment buildings. The company enables better run buildings, vibrant communities, reduces the impact of emergencies, improves safety and access to cost reduction by providing insurance policies, access to low-cost energy and more.

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