Amsterdam-based festival app startup Woov raises €2M funding from owners of Jägermeister and MediaMonks

Amsterdam-based festival app startup Woov raises €2M funding from owners of Jägermeister and MediaMonks

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No matter what! Events like Concerts, Festivals, sports and much more happens everywhere and all the time across the globe. With so many choices, getting to know about events happening around from various tabs can be time-consuming.

Get the most out of your festivals!

Woov, an app compatible with both Android and iOS, combine festival, nightlife and socialization culture on a single mobile platform. Right now, it is the worlds largest festival guide as well as a leading nightlife companion for millions of millennials. In addition to it, the apps also enable users to locate their friends in real-time, check out which artists are playing on which stage and locate food stalls and toilets as well.

Secured €2 million!

Emerging Dutch festival platform ‘Woov’ announces today the closure of an investment round of €2 million. The round includes some striking names, with, amongst others, Wesley ter Haar, founder and COO of MediaMonks, and Christoph Goeken, CEO of M-Venture. Both of the industry savvy investors state that they see the business model of Woov as ‘beyond innovative’, but also share the company’s interest in enabling and enhancing the best experiences in people’s lives.

Wesley ter Haar, co-founder and COO of MediaMonks, explains his interest for the company as follows:

I’m a big believer in focused platforms, ones that can create truly amazing experiences because they understand the people at the other end of their app better than anyone else. Woov is uniquely positioned to tie together festivals, parties, nightlife and the meeting and mingling with others, all things that add up to some of the best nights of your life. I’m excited to see what the team does next, and look forward to enjoying a party or two along the way.

Woov currently employs a diverse team of 25 people (10 nationalities) with specialists from both the festival and tech industries. The company prides itself on solving problems for both the guests and organisers of major events whilst improving the quality, reliability and engagement of digital apps across the festival industry. This year the platform is partnering with over 600 festivals in 41 countries worldwide. 

Founder and CEO Sebastien Westerduin states:

We are thrilled to make this group of investors and advisors a part of our story. This round is a vote of confidence by experts in the space and signifies that we are strongly positioned for the future.’ He continues: “Woov creates technology to enhance live experiences. We want to facilitate going out into the real-world for groups of friends, and to play a role in bringing like-minded people together at live music experiences. This year we’ve been seeing increasing engagement levels at all of our partnered festivals as we add features that solve problems, reduce admin hassle and help organisers and users get more value out of our technology. We’ve been seeing a growing global awareness of Woov at all levels, but more importantly, we’re helping the visitors and our festival partners get morie out of the time they spend together. 

Christoph Goeken, Managing Director of Wolfenbüttel-based capital fund M-Venture, the innovation and investment unit of Mast-Jägermeister SE, said:

Woov fully shares our mission to leverage technology to create more ‘best nights of your life’. Their deep cultural expertise of festivals, their commitment to innovation and the connections they help event organisers make with consumers are really unique in the scene and I am looking forward to seeing what else the team creates in the coming years to make ‘going out’ easier and more engaging.

Irfan van Ewijk, founder:

I’ve experienced first hand the frustration of not having access to a reliable and operationally focused app that makes executing events easier for project teams. We wanted to build Woov differently – to make it easier for organisers (at all levels) to access technology that helped them stay closer to their audience and gain insights and visitor feedback into how to improve their events. We think It’s crazy that we live in such a technologically advanced world, yet festival apps have remained these clunky, content-heavy, battery-vampires – that seem more interested in maximising screen-time than getting visitors out of the admin-hassle and back into the show. On the flip side, we’ve built the Woov tech to give the hosts of events an easier way to keep their audiences informed, safe and engaged with their festival brands throughout the year. We’ve still got a lot of innovation coming down the line, so it’s great to have a fresh group of investors and advisors who believe in our vision.

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