Belgian edtech startup DataCamp raises $25M from Spectrum Equity; aims to grow in 2019

Belgian edtech startup DataCamp raises $25M from Spectrum Equity; aims to grow in 2019

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Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for engineers, researchers and data scientists. Without skilled data scientists, it is difficult to bridge the institutional knowledge gap. This is what the Belgium startup DataCamp aims to do. It provides online data science and analytics courses.

In a recent development, DataCamp raised $25 million (approximately €22 million) in a Series B round led by Spectrum Equity. Even the existing investors such as Arthur Ventures and Accomplice pitched in contributing to $3.1 million (approximately €2.6 million).

Founded in 2013 in Belgium by Jonathan Cornelissen, Martijn Theuwissen and Dieter De Mesmaeker, the edtech startup DataCamp was relocated to New York in 2015 to take part in the TechStars accelerator program.

Raises €22 million funding

The Belgian startup DataCamp announced that it would use the investment from Spectrum Equity for curriculum expansion and product innovation. The company announced that it is planning to expand its data science and analytics curriculum further providing immense resources for learners at all levels.

Aims to grow in 2019

This year, the startup aims to grow significantly. It is said that they will double the overall number of courses, practice exercises and projects offered by them this year. It was also stated that they will grow their Python and R content and add content in areas such as Data Engineering, Spreadsheets, Deep Learning and AI, SQL and more.

Personalised recommendations for users

DataCamp is becoming smarter and focuses on offering more personalized services. Users subscribing to the platform will gain an insight into their existing skills, personalised recommendations for projects and courses that they need to take next and guidance on where they should improvise their skills. There is also an interactive feedback system for relevant feedback with hints and correction messages.

Scalable learning solution

When it comes to the businesses, DataCamp offers a scalable learning solution that lets companies build their data science and analytics capabilities for improved decision making. This lets companies access LMS integrations as well as a reporting API. Also, the task of managing teams is made easier with DataCamp.

DataCamp subscription charges

The company offers over 200 courses related to data science and analytics. The subjects are taught by nearly 160 educators. The company touts that it sells its subscriptions starting from $25 per month for users and $300 for companies.

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