Brenger secures €950,000 growth capital: Here’s how Dutch delivery startup aims to achieve a greener environment

Brenger secures €950,000 growth capital: Here’s how Dutch delivery startup aims to achieve a greener environment

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Trucks that are meant to deliver consignment usually ply empty on their way back. This not only makes transportation expensive but also leaves an impact on the environment due to additional CO2 emission. Amsterdam-based startup Brenger wants to put an end to these issues by paving the way for an easier, cheaper and more sustainable transportation of goods that will, in turn, leave a better environment behind.

Founded in 2016 by Wisse Koedam and Derk van der Have, the delivery startup helps people transport goods through trucks, vans or cars that ply in a specific route. Moreover, the deliverer gets paid for each consignment. This move not only all the delivery vehicles are used efficiently but also the CO2 emission is reduced to a great extent.

In a recent development, Brenger has raised €950,000 growth capital from its current angel investors. With this investment, the overall growth capital raised by the delivery startup is almost €2 million.

Rolf Bixner, a former BCG partner, invests through his investment fund Tablomonto in Brenger said, “What appeals to us as Tablomonto is the team: two young, passionate men who continuously improve their company, product and organiszation and face all challenges with a positive mindset. The Brenger product is becoming simpler for the consumer while the service improves. This is reflected in the positive reactions and loyalty of the users. We are very confident that Brenger will not only be successful in the Netherlands, but also in other countries.”

Puts an end to poorly filled vehicles

Brenger intends to use this investment to make the transportation of furniture and other large items such as vehicles with the help of a professional courier already driving the same way. This way, the cost of new delivery vehicles having to go up and down is reduced. The deliverer gets a chance to earn more, and the environment is also not harmed.

There’s no intermediary

The platform of Brenger lets the client contact the deliverer directly, negotiate the pickup and delivery time and the cost involved. The platform will ensure guaranteed payment, secure the goods from damage and theft and also connect both the parties safely. And, it earns from the commission paid by both the parties.

One of the Accenture Innovation Awards finalists

Brenger has witnessed tremendous growth in the past 12 months. It works with Troostwijk, Marktplaats and Onlineveilingmeester. This growth has led the company to become one of the finalists of the Accenture Innovation Awards, which is an innovation program letting innovators meet and connect. This year, the finals of this program is slated to happen on November 2 in Amsterdam.

Aims to leave a greener environment

As mentioned above, to deliver goods, the deliverers will have to go up and down, which leads to a lot of CO2 emissions that is harmful to the environment. Brenger wants to make a difference by leaving behind a greener environment. This is done by saving 42 kilos of CO2 emissions per order. Already, the Dutch delivery startup has prevented 844,000 kilos of CO2 emissions since its debut. The startup aims to reduce 37 million kilos of CO2 emissions in the Netherlands by 2020 with its business model.

Everyone involved is happy

Regarding its platform, Koedam stated that the startup is not intended to disrupt a particular industry like how Uber and Airbnb did in their respective categories. He added, “Many smaller courier companies receive orders from their local network. For one or two assignments a day, couriers drive throughout the country with a poorly filled bus. With Brenger, they can add extra trips to their schedule and earn more on every ride. As a result, in addition to the clients and the environment, couriers are also extremely happy with Brenger as a supplement to their rides.”

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