CES 2019: TomTom collaborates with DENSO for intelligent driving solution

CES 2019: TomTom collaborates with DENSO for intelligent driving solution

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CES is an yearly event where developers across the world showcase their new technological innovations encompassing a wide range of products right from TVs, virtual reality to self-driving cars and gaming consoles.

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 will take place from Jan 8-11 in Las Vegas. Lots of companies have already dropped teasers for announcements, they could make this year’s.

TomTom + DENSO = advanced, reliable, and safe

Ahead of CES 2019, TomTom, the location technology specialist, announced that it will accelerate the future of driving by collaborating with DENSO on its software platform for autonomous vehicles.

With this tie-up, TomTom’s High Definition (HD) Map will work in combination with DENSO in-vehicle sensors such as cameras and radars to power the localization, perception and path planning functions for a complete autonomous driving system. Furthermore, this collab aims to achieve Level 2 automation which will work on highways and other major urban roads using TomTom’s end to end mapping system

Collaboratively working in Japan

In this case, the combination of DENSO’s sensors with TomTom HD Maps will result in a system that is more advanced, more reliable and safer. TomTom and DENSO have teams already working together in Japan.

DENSO to provide data!

With that being said, DENSO will provide processed sensor data to TomTom’s end-to-end mapping system for autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), updating TomTom’s HD Map on the fly.

Roadagrams is used to check HD Map reflects the reality of the road!

The map updates will be generated through crowdsourcing, in a system called Roadagrams, which will ensure whether the reality of the road situations corresponds to the map provided by the TomTom. Moreover, these updated maps will be delivered to the vehicles through TomTom’s map delivery system – AutoStream.

Harold Goddijn, CEO, TomTom, said:

DENSO is a long-time leader in automotive ADAS technology. We’re proud to be working with them to serve their Japanese and global customers. This collaboration proves the value of the TomTom HD Map and TomTom AutoStream as critical components for autonomous vehicles.

Hiroyuki Wakabayashi, Executive Vice President, DENSO, said:

We reviewed various digital mapping platforms and determined that the TomTom HD Map and TomTom AutoStream reflect our vision of bringing changes in the road noted by our sensors back to all vehicles as quickly as possible through HD Map updates. Just as importantly, TomTom shares our commitment to safety that is paramount to the autonomous driving experience. Together, we will lead the industry with innovative solutions for all OEMs.

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