Dutch e-comm scaleup Coolblue adds AR feature in its app: Let’s you place TVs inside your home virtually

Dutch e-comm scaleup Coolblue adds AR feature in its app: Let’s you place TVs inside your home virtually

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In a recent development, the Dutch e-commerce company Coolblue has incorporated a new feature to its app based on Augmented Reality (AR). With this functionality, customers can now virtually place a TV in their room to choose the desired format and order.

In addition to it, this app enables users to test in various formats like hanging on the wall, placing it on the TV cabinet, checking from all corners of the room if the size is right and much more. This feature is available in both the Android and iOS versions of the app in English, Dutch and French.

Planning to curb the return

According to Coolblue, 15 per cent of the televisions sold is returned since the format is different. Nevertheless, this feature will assist customers to buy the right format of TV easily. Moreover, the company is planning to curb the returns, that is done due to the unexpected size of the televisions.

Founded by Pieter Zwart, Paul de Jong and Bart Kuijpers, Coolblue’s goal is to provide the very best customer service. Headquartered in Rotterdam, Coolblue is a fast-growing e-commerce company with nine stores in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The real challenge

In general, TV screens are measured diagonally in inches. Since the measurement unit ‘inches’ is not common in the Netherlands, it becomes a challenge for many customers to choose the right TV.

More models to be supported

The Dutch e-commerce company is touted to be the first to incorporate the augmented reality feature into the electronics field. At present, it supports very few TV models, but it is likely to expand in the upcoming days. On the other hand, IKEA Place app works with furniture so that customers can see if there is enough room for a couch or a bed.

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