Dutch computer retailer MyCom shuts down seven stores in the Netherlands

Dutch computer retailer MyCom shuts down seven stores in the Netherlands

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MyCom, the Dutch computer retailer appears to have landed in trouble once again. Immediately, the chain of computer stores has shut down seven of its fourteen stores. These include the stores in Amstelveen, Arnhem, Den Bosch, Den Helder, Helmond, Leiden and Zeist, reports Tweakers.

While there is no official confirmation from the company regarding the same on its website, the computer retailer mentions that still, seven stores are functional. In mid-December 2018, the company stated that ‘everything will do differently’ in 2019. It gave a 20% discount on stocks in the offline stores. Thereby, we can expect the store concept to be renewed.

Closed 19 of its 41 stores

This is not the first time that MyCom has faced trouble. Back in 2015, the computer retailer declared bankruptcy. Following the same, Relevant Holdings, the owner of The Phone House acquired MyCom. Founded in 1996, the chain of computer stores had closed 19 of its 41 stores back then.

In early 2016, MyCom entrepreneurs Peter Groenewoud and Marco Heestermans took control of the company from Relevant Holdings. Earlier in 2018, MyCom was taken over by a Swedish investor. In October 2018, Groenewoud left the company.

MyCom online store

In addition to the offline stores, the company also has an online store to serve customers better. Interested customers can purchase products from the webshop and get them delivered to their doorstep at no additional cost or collect the same from any of the nearby physical stores. Notably, they can get personal assistance by visiting any of the seven operational stores.

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