Dutch startup MessageBird launches single API to improve customer communications across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & More

Dutch startup MessageBird launches single API to improve customer communications across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & More

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Consumers now want to connect with businesses just like how they do with their family and friends via their preferred channel at their convenience. Dutch messaging company, MessageBird has come up with a new product aimed at making it easier for enterprises and consumers to communicate across different channels.

MessageBird is an Amsterdam startup that provides cloud communication services for enterprises. Backed by US-based Accel and Europe’s Atomico, the startup offers APIs to optimize business-to-consumer interactions and make it more efficient, more accessible and easier for enterprises to make contacts.

The new product from MessageBird called Programmable Conversations is a single API, which unifies customer interactions across the world’s popular communication channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, Voice, Telegram, WeChat and Facebook Messenger into a single conversation thread.

The challenge with fragmented conversations

With numerous communication channels, it is understandable that there will be fragmented conversations. Integrating the conversations across different platforms requires building and maintaining connections with various mobile operators and platforms such as WeChat or WhatsApp. This is complicated and time-consuming and requires several resources.

This issue gets more tedious when multiple support staff are involved. And, it can lead to a degraded customer service. This is what Programmable Conversations from MessageBird aims to resolve.

Omni-channel communication is helpful

Omni-channel communication strategy is a must for businesses these days. Rather than spending valuable resources to handle complex data across communication channels and fragmented customer conversations, MessageBird’s Programmable Conversations streamlines the entire process. It integrates the API and the enterprises can access multiple communication channels easily.

Aims to provide good service

The whole idea is to provide a consolidated view of the entire communication history of a customer with the enterprise, customer support agents and other customer-facing staff so that they provide the best customer service. With the single API, the single view conversation will put the entire history of the conversation at the fingertips of the team to cut down the response time and streamline the workflow.

With the single conversation view, multi-platform business to consumer communication becomes quick and easy. It lets businesses and customers share text messages, rich media, audio, video and geolocation on several communication channels in a combined view and offers a seamless customer experience.

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