Dutch startup Orikami receives €600K investment from Healthy Capital

Dutch startup Orikami receives €600K investment from Healthy Capital

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Healthcare is undergoing a major technological transformation, and it is wise for the industry to leverage new and innovative tech to generate track novel data. Accumulation of data helps researchers, entrepreneurs, clinicians, and consumers to better understand both health and disease. In this case, digital biomarkers act as an opportunity to interpret new data sources into informative, actionable insights.

Based out of Nijmegen, Orikami is changing the world with smart algorithms by creating and deploying digital biomarkers that can make health care both more personal and more affordable. Patients get quicker access to effective treatment, leading to reduced waste and better treatment outcomes. Healthy.Capital’s investment will help Orikami offer personalised care to its first 25,000 patients.

Personalised health care is crucial to continue increasing patients’ quality of life while keeping health care affordable. Yet doctors and pharmaceutical companies face numerous challenges delivering treatments that cater to individual patients. Healthy.Capital is investing €600,000 to help Orikami grow and accelerate.

Orikami personalises health care using medically validated artificial intelligence software to translate patient data into digital treatment support called digital biomarkers. These biomarkers help medical specialists prescribe medication effectively, improving treatment and reducing wasted time and costs related to ineffective and often expensive treatments.

Multiple Sclerosis patients, for example, can monitor their condition using Orikami’s MS Sherpa app to see if their medication has the desired effect. In the case of Fampyra, an MS medication that has been at the center of political discussions, the Dutch Health Minister recently decided that the medication could only be used if it is proven to be effective within two weeks. In the future, an Orikami developed algorithm could help doctors measure a medication’s effectiveness from a distance.

Bram den Teuling, founder of Orikami, said:

Recognising data patterns by continually monitoring the patient delivers insights that help when it comes to offering customised medical treatments. Our information is used to make important decisions and therefore it’s crucial that our products are clinically validated and certified. The past five years have given us significant experience with those processes. That makes us unique in the market. We are also actively looking for new collaborations with pharmaceutical companies.

Artificial intelligence plus health care equals better yields for society.

Orikami’s strategic strength lies in the choice to bundle their digital biomarkers in a platform. The digital biomarkers for both walking speed and cognition speed can be used for several chronic illnesses. At the moment, many pharmaceutical companies and hospitals are reinventing the wheel in disparate digital health initiatives. This has resulted in tremendous fragmentation in a small country like the Netherlands. In 2020, new laws that will require serious investments in quality management systems will separate the wheat from the chaff. Orikami is ready for these changes and their certified platform can significantly reduce the time to market and investment costs.

 Douwe Jippes, managing partner at Healthy.Capital, said:

Digital biomarkers are the basis for moving towards more personalised health care. Orikami is the leader in Europe when it comes to the development of validated digital biomarkers. After an in-depth analysis of the European sector, one proposition stood out head and shoulders above the rest; Orikami.

 Investing for growth

The Healthy.Capital investment should further accelerate Orikami’s already impressive growth and will be used to facilitate the launch of the digital biomarker platform and MS Sherpa.

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