EIT Digital Conference 2019: These 5 innovative tech startups are coming to Brussels in September

EIT Digital Conference 2019: These 5 innovative tech startups are coming to Brussels in September

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As a founder or entrepreneur, you’re always looking to expand your knowledge and network. So when you have the opportunity to spot hundreds of deep tech companies, listen to industry leaders and meet inspiring other entrepreneurs or investors in one day, it’s too good an opportunity to pass. The EIT Digital Conference is just around the corner and offers exactly that.

Being held on September the 10th, the conference offers everything you need to expand your knowledge about the state of European deep tech innovations. For one day, Brussels will be all about startups and scaleups, as the EIT Digital Conference kicks off in The Egg conference center. With the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs in digital finance, cities, wellbeing and tech.

Check out these companies at EIT Digital Conference

The one-day conference offers everything you need to become an expert in scaling up in Europe. There are more than 20 top-notch speakers, including Andreas Kunze from KONUX and Eva Kaili from the European Parliament. Expand your network by joining more than 500 matchmaking sessions or dig deeper into one of the 10 thought leadership sessions.

Furthermore, there are over 100 groundbreaking digital deep tech companies attending, providing hands-on live demos and the opportunity to network and do business. Looking for examples? Here are just five of the elected fast-growing startups, waiting to meet you at the EIT Digital Conference 2019:

Active Cues

Dutch scaleup Active Cues allows people with cognitive challenges to play games and thus work on their mental or physical or social capabilities by playing games. The Utrecht-based company developed the ToverTafel technology, which turns any surface into an interactive game. This supports seniors with dementia, people with intellectual disabilities or children with problems in their development. The games are based on scientific research done at the Delft University of Technology and the Department of Clinical Neuropsychology of the VU Amsterdam. The ToverTafel is currently in use in over 1800 care homes in seven different countries. The deep tech solution won Active Cues numerous awards, among them the first prize in the EIT Digital Challenge.

Eiratech Robotics

Eiratech Robotics from Ireland lets robots do the heavy lifting in warehouses and distribution centres around the world. Their robotics goods-to-person solution employs self-driving robots that will collect goods with stunning speed and accuracy. This solution doesn’t require heavy infrastructure and can be implemented, modified and expanded whenever the need arises, making it incredibly scalable. No wonder these robots are finding their way to warehouses and fulfilment centres in the USA, UK and Spain.


HyperCRC takes interior design to the 21st century. Their mixed reality solution uses deep tech to solve design challenges by creating detailed models of any environment. Designers can interact with a physical object while adapting and transforming them in a virtual setting. This eliminates the need for expensive and wasteful physical models, thus making the design process more efficient. While currently at the prototyping stage, in time HyperCRC will be an essential design tool unrivalled for visualising and communicating designs.

EIT Digital Conference companies


Staffing shortages and increasing workloads are serious problems in health care. As a result, nurses have less time to spend with their patients. Social & Autonomous Robotic health Assistant ‘SARA’ helps out in nursing homes and hospitals to increase the quality of care. The robot is able to interact with patients on a personal level, will navigate a care institution autonomously and can help out with different tasks. This way the Dutch startup helps healthcare professionals to spend time doing what they love most: care for their patients.


OEDIPUS knows that companies can innovate better when they collaborate. That is why this project is aimed at creating special I-centres, where it is all about testing, innovating, collaborating and focusing on getting the product ready for the customer. The first five centres are operational, allowing big companies and SME’s to test their innovations in a safe and focused environment. All with the goal of helping European industries to increase their competitiveness and generate economic growth. This way the German, Siemens-backed initiative will generate valuable business opportunities that lead to concrete product creations and services.

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This is just a sample of the many innovative companies and cutting edge technology on display on the EIT Digital Conference. So if you’re looking to do a deep-dive into the state of European startups and scaleups and become a part of the technological advances across the continent, then don’t hesitate. Register now, for free, and join the conference on September 10th.

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