Gameye secures €1.4M: 4 ways this Rotterdam startup is working on improving the future of online gaming

Gameye secures €1.4M: 4 ways this Rotterdam startup is working on improving the future of online gaming

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In the current scenario, creating a stable infrastructure for multiplayer sessions is a challenge for numerous game studios. Realising this issue, Gameye, a Rotterdam-based startup has started developing the necessary technology to enhance the gaming experience. This technology will optimise and simplify the infrastructure needed for mobile and PC multiplayer games.

Founded in 2016 by Denise Helderop, Ralph Heersink and Sebastiaan Heijne, Gameye recently raised €1.4 million funding in a seed round. This funding round was led by the CEO of FACEIT – Niccolo Maisto along with Seedcamp and Makers Fund.

Today, we at Silicon Canals have come up with a few facts about this Dutch gaming startup and how it’s working hard to develop the future of online gaming and improve the experience for gamers.

Gameye technology optimises gaming

Gameye lets the game studios develop multiplayer gaming sessions without creating, testing and maintains a global server infrastructure. It is possible as the server capacity will be scaled dynamically based on the player load and historical patterns. It adjusts the number of servers and saves cost by removing the unused idle server capacity.

Gameye uses its own technology to optimise gaming. It paves way for faster image distribution and generic tools for collecting post-game artefacts. Moreover, the matches are hosted on low latency networks ensuring an optimised gaming experience.

Real-time data is accessible

Gameye lets game developers grow their user base across the world without any additional infrastructure. It lets users start a match for several games via the same API. It will not be difficult and time-consuming to implement a new game into the gaming platform. All the scores and statistics will be gathered and available in real-time via the API. As of now, they have six servers located at Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Chicago, Washington DC and Los Angeles.

Automatic game updates

The game developers need not be worried about the game updates. When an update takes place, it will be available at all the server locations in just 2 hours. So, game developers need not to focus on individual updates for every server.

Let’s save a lot of money

While renting expensive servers for the matches is quite expensive, Gameye makes it relatively cost-effective. It saves money by letting developers pay per match.

Regarding the funding, Sebastiaan Heijne, CEO and co-founder at Gameye said: “We’ve heard of too many studios facing the same problem. With Gameye we’re hoping to give our customers peace of mind that they are getting the most cost-efficient and effective hosting solution available so they can focus on creating great games. We want to see more games make it to market and more opportunities to grow the competitive gaming scene.”

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