Global startup generator Antler enters Amsterdam: Here’s how it helps aspiring professionals

Global startup generator Antler enters Amsterdam: Here’s how it helps aspiring professionals

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Antler, the global startup generator and early-stage VC firm has entered new markets including Amsterdam, London and Sydney. Antler sets itself different from the traditional startup accelerators by building companies from scratch with just one aspiring individual in focus. It transforms the business ecosystem by focusing on the world’s most determined and brilliant people and making them founders of tech startups.

During its first program in Singapore in 2018, Antler generated 13 new high growth tech companies such as Sampingan, a task-based workforce platform. This platform recently bagged $500,000 from Golden Gate Ventures. The company is in plans to invest €105k in 200 startups in Amsterdam for over four years for a 10% equity stake in each portfolio company that will help in building.

Antler was founded by Magnus Grimeland, which is the co-founder of Zalora. Since its launch, Antler removes the barriers that the determined people face when it comes to starting their own business for reasons such as lack of a co-founder or a clear concept.

How does Antler work?

The startup generator looks for those with a specific skill and a strong inner drive to enter into the business ecosystem. Many such aspirants come from tech biggies such as Uber, Google, Spotify and Klarna and possess over a decade of experience. The startup generator takes them away from their comfort zones by paying them a nominal grant. Eventually, they quit their job and focus on their startup. Antler does this by paying them to set up their own company.

Accomplished team of professionals

The startup generator firm will train the founders all throughout their journey as an entrepreneur with a panel of over 150 advisors by meeting them on a weekly basis. All the Antler advisors are global business royalty such as Andreas Ehn, Spotify’s first CTO, Lawrence Summers, former US Secretary of the Treasury for President Clinton, and Dominic Barton, Global Managing Partner Emeritus of McKinsey & Company.

Antler’s team comprises skilled tech and business professionals supporting each and every step that is taken by the founders during their entrepreneurial journey. The team comprises industry leaders from the likes of Bloomberg, PayPal, Harvard, Google and Stanford. Most of these professionals have first-hand experience in building their own startup.

Two phases of Antler’s program

Talking about Antler’s program, it is of two phases and spans for a period of five months. During the first phase, which is for two months, it connects determined individuals to create a team of founders. They are provided with personality tests, workshops and hackathons so that they develop product ideas rapidly along with the support from the VCs, coaches and advisors at Antler. Then, the company invests in the best teams and owns a minority equity stake in these startups.

During the second phase that lasts for three months, the teams build their startups to a level that the conventional startups might take a year to reach. Former founders will aid in the product launches and guide companies connect with their first set of customers. Later, the teams will pitch in their business to the leading investors for seed funding. Interestingly, founders will receive the necessary advice and tools even after they become members of Antler’s alumni network.

The company is now accepting applications via its website in all the locations such as London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Stockholm and Singapore. Its programs will open in New York and Nairobi in H2 2019.

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