Google for Jobs is coming soon to the Netherlands and France: Here’s what you need to know

Google for Jobs is coming soon to the Netherlands and France: Here’s what you need to know

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Searching for a job can be difficult and it becomes a herculean task when one has a slew of platforms to search for jobs online. Google aims to make the process of finding a job easier, by aggregating job listings from all major job listing platforms across the internet into your Google Search results. However, the service is not yet available in Europe. So, why are we talking about it? It’s because Emerce reports that it is currently under testing in the Netherlands and France and might be made available in the former region within a few months. Here’s what you need to know about the job searching service from one of the biggest companies in the world.

What is Google for Jobs?

Google Search is a simple online searching engine that aggregates web results from the internet. Similarly, Google for Jobs Search rummages around the internet, mostly online job listing websites, to display job listings. The feature helps cut down on the time and effort spent in visiting different job hunting websites and searching for different roles as per one’s requirements.

Google for Jobs is said to be currently rolling out in Germany. It is also available only in a handful of countries right now. These countries include India, South Africa, the US, Japan, and England. As per the report, Richard Collins from ClickID is one of the partners of Google who says, “Google is reportedly testing in the Netherlands and France, theoretically they could launch before the summer.”

How does Google Jobs Search work?

One need not download an additional app or bookmark a new website to make use of the Google Jobs Search service. It can be directly accessed by searching for some terms in Google like “Jobs near me,” “jobs for freshers,” or any similar job search related query. Additionally, Google follows the trend of partnering with some of the major career listing platforms before announcing the service in a country. This means that one can expect to get more results and that too from a wide array of recruitment websites.

Should other job listing portals be scared?

One would think that since Google is basically encroaching upon the already established domain of online career listing websites, won’t they be affected? The plain and simple answer is no. This is because Google’s Job Search acts as a mediator that delivers open positions to seekers by fetching them from career listing websites. One can view the job listing, apply various filters to personalise the search and when they click to apply for a job, they will be redirected to the website from where the result was fetched from. This is basically the same way how Google Search points you at a resource.

How should career searching platforms prepare?

Colin from ClickID reveals some insights on how Google for Jobs service works and how the online recruitment platforms can prepare for it. The service is said to be governed by job algorithms to determine rankings of the careers displayed. This means that one needs to tweak and perfect their SEO for the service. The posted job vacancies are subject to strict rules via Structured Data Scheme Job Posting, says Colin. He adds that maintaining the via Structured Data Scheme should be done by Applicant Tracking System (ATS) providers, but almost all of them are lagging behind.

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