The 5 hottest young scaleups of the Netherlands right now!

The 5 hottest young scaleups of the Netherlands right now!

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As technology is evolving at a rapid pace, there are many conferences and events that let the startups and young entrepreneurs present their idea. A popular tech conference that happens in Amsterdam every year is the ‘The Next Web Conference’. It is a two-day festival that involves workshops, panel discussions and industry-leading speakers. The conference also hosts the famous Tech5 contest.

Organised by The Next Web (TNW) and famous Dutch scaleup Adyen, Tech5 celebrates the fastest growing startups across Europe.

This year, the TNW 2019 is all set to bring together 100 startups from Europe across different categories such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, After consulting with an advisory consortium of 100 investors, influencers, entrepreneurs and experts across Europe, the organisation has selected the five hottest young Dutch scale-ups for 2019 which will participate in the  Founders Day (May 8) and TNW Conference (May 9-10) in Amsterdam.

Let’s take a look!

#1 Picnic

Founded in 2017 by Michiel Muller, Picnic is an online grocery delivery service, which utilises electric vehicles for the delivery. The online supermarket lets consumers place grocery orders without the necessity to visit the nearby stores. It follows the proprietary milkman model that resolved the last mile delivery issues and provide the lowest prices as well as free delivery.

As of now, Picnic has a fleet of over 700 electric vehicles and operates across 70 cities. It serves over 275,000 customers with its fleet. It received a whopping €100 million funding from Finci, Hoyberg, De Hoge Dennen Capital and NPM Capital soon after its launch.


#2 Tiqets

Tiqets is an innovative ticketing platform founded in 2014 by Luuc Elzinga. It is a scaleup that operates in several cities including Paris, Rome, London, Bangkok, Philadelphia, Vienna and Barcelona. It is one of the fastest growing startups in the Netherlands as it is has grown significantly in recent years. It has partnered with WeChat and Google to let users buy admission tickets on the platform via Google Maps, Google Search, Google Assistant and WeChat mini-programs. Back in November last year, Tiqets raised $23 million (€20 million) funding from HPE Growth Capital.

#3 Otrium

Otrium, the Dutch e-commerce startup was founded in 2015 by Milan Daniels & Max Klijnstra. It is an online outlet that sells surplus existing collections. It sells branded clothes at a relatively fairer price. This is possible as the company has partnered with over 100 brands including the well-known fashion brands such as G-Star RAW, Puma and Scotch & Soda. It is also one of the startup companies that has grown quickly in a few years.


#4 Temper

Temper was founded in 2015 by Paul Eggink. It is an online marketplace meant for the freelancers working in the hospitality industry letting contractors and clients search one another. With this platform, freelancers can be deployed by restaurants, clubs, bars and hotels without the intervention of any intermediate employment agency. The Temper platform lets freelancers choose when they want to work, what time and how long they need to work. In 2018, the startup raised €4 growth capital from Slingshot, an Amsterdam venture capitalist.

#5 felyx

felyx was founded in 2016 by Maarten Poot and Quinten Selhorst. It offers shared electric scooters for users. These electric scooters can be located as well as activated via an app. Also, these electric scooters from felyx can be parked at any of the already designated parking destinations. The company aims to resolve the current issues in urban mobility. As of now, the e-scooter startup has over 400 e-scooters for its users for as low as €0.30 per minute. The startup is now in the process of expanding its services to cities such as Rotterdam.

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