How Dutch software startup RoomRaccoon helps small hotels to manage their bookings smoothly

How Dutch software startup RoomRaccoon helps small hotels to manage their bookings smoothly

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Recently a hotel software startup, RoomRaccoon won the Bredase Startup Award 2018 and scored a spotlight for itself in the Netherlands’ startup ecosystem. The company is involved in the development of software for small hotels and lets small hoteliers manage reservations smoothly.

RoomRaccoon was founded in 2017 by Tijmen van Dijl and Nadja Buckenberger. It is one of the fast-growing startups, which is making significant progress in the global markets. To be specific, the software of this startup is used by 500 hotels internationally. Prior to the Startup Breda 2018 award, the company won the Horecava Innovation Award public price 2017 and the SME innovation top 100 2018 as well.

RoomRaccoon is a preferred service provider from Here are some features that make this Dutch startup successful and lets it help the small hotels.

Seamless organisation of bookings

The hotel PMS (Property Management System) developed by RoomRaccoon helps hoteliers organise bookings seamlessly. In addition to this, the hotel owners can easily check-in guests, create the invoicing, generate clear reports and more. This software sends confirmation emails and invoices automatically.

Beneficial Channel Manager

Channel Manager is a software providing a connection between the PMS and the OTA (Online Travel Agency) websites. The Channel Manager ensures that the availability of rooms is visible on websites like Expedia, and Airbnb.

The key benefit of Channel Manager is that the number is that it can minimise the number of overbookings. Notably, overbooking is a major annoyance of hoteliers and is time-consuming to resolve. The other advantage is that it helps in getting a higher occupancy rate.

Increases direct bookings

The Booking Engine provided by RoomRaccoon is an efficient hotel booking or online booking system. It increases the direct bookings without paying any commission. The Booking Engine helps guests reserve a room without any assistance. There’s no need for any phone calls and email requests, which means direct bookings without any commission.

How about pricing

The RoomRaccoon software that is meant for the small hotels makes it simple and efficient for the hoteliers. And, when it comes to the pricing, it costs €250 per month for a hotel with 50 rooms. Paying this cost, the hotel owners will get unlimited support, all-in-one hotel software and a connected and ready to use the platform in just 24 hours. There is also a free trial for 30 days for the hoteliers to try the easy to set up and no installation software and increase their direct bookings and reservations seamlessly.

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